Callsheet app integration

Interesting addition, I'm curious to learn more. I'm not a member of the ATP podcast, but will be checking it out. Is the TestFlight for this app tvOS too? Or is it iOS only for now?

It is iOS-only, and it's essentially a streamlined movie/TV info app that uses TMDB data. I'm part of the Callsheet TestFlight and it's a well-made app, but haven't found myself using it much. I already use Letterboxd as a social app and it provides most of the same data from TMDB if I want to quickly look up the cast of a movie.

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OK thanks. The "Open in Callsheet" option that appears in the TestFlight of tvOS app's Settings > Library should be removed until (if/when?) this app is available for AppleTV.

In the meantime, I'm listening to some ATP and learning more.

They’ve been talking about the app on the show for quite a while, and it sounds like it is getting close since lately they’ve been discussing pricing, but has Casey said anywhere else about a target release date?

Hmm it should def not be showing on the Apple TV app. And it shouldn’t show at all u less it’s installed :thinking:

I’ll take a look.

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Callsheet has just been released in the iOS App Store. I have Callsheet installed, and I have the integration toggled on in Channels' settings (Settings > Library > Open in Callsheet), but Callsheet doesn't show up where I'm looking in the Channels iOS app (in a show or movie, selecting "More"). Same thing with the Channels iOS beta app. Is there somewhere else I should be looking, or does the Channels iOS app need to be updated to look for the release version of Callsheet?

It's working for movies, but not for series. I'll take a look, maybe it is incomplete.

Callsheet integration only works for content scanned by tmdb. Otherwise we don't have the ID's to load in Callsheet.

OK, thanks. I found the "Open in Callsheet" option for some movies. As best I can tell, it appears for the movies I've imported from my collection (under Local Content, using Movie Sources), but the option doesn't appear for any movies that I've recorded with Channels.

As mentioned above:

Recordings are using Gracenote data.

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Thanks. Understood. (Although kind of a bummer — My uninformed and incorrect thought had been that I'd be able to browse the Guide in Channels, and, when deciding whether to record a movie, launch Callsheet from the app and get more info, such as IMDB ratings)

To be honest, once we're able to have tmdb IDs for everything, we'll be able to show you that info directly.

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Link for those following along: ‎Callsheet: Find Cast & Crew on the App Store

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I am curious what I should expect from using this app with Channels.

I just installed callsheet on my iPhone and enabled it on Channels. When I open a show and select "open in callsheet" it just opens the app. What I was expecting to happen is that it would open that specific show or movie that I selected, not just the main page of the app.

Should I expect it to go directly to the show or movie or is what I am seeing what is expected? I don't have a subscription to the app either, so maybe that is why? I did notice that if I search for that show or movie manually it will pull up the information so not sure what the subscription is for.

Edit: I did sign up for the trial of the subscription and tried again - same result.

are you running the latest TeatFlight beta of the Channels client app?

You also need the latest Callsheet beta.

Yes, current Testflight beta of channels, but @racameron - not running the Callsheet beta, so that must be it.

Thanks guys.

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Your timing was just sort of bad.

Previously, the only content in Channels that offered the Open in Callsheet was content indexed by TMDB, so mostly just movie imports.

In the last 24 hours, Callsheet and Channels have improved this experience in two ways:

  • Callsheet added a new url handler for searching instead of loading content by unique id.
  • Channels added support for this new functionally and enabled all movies and tv shows to be opened in Callsheet

You need the beta versions of both apps for this to work. Your issue is that you have the beta version of Channels, and the release version of Callsheet. The release version of Callsheet does not have these new url handlers, so it just opens the app.

Once Callsheet ships their next update, this will work appropriately.

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Thanks. Yeah, I didn't read all the way through on your app update notice where it does state you need the Beta version of the callsheet app. My bad.

Well, I will just wait until they release the store version.

Is it possible to add this feature to Android based clients eventually? If not, do you plan on implementing another similar solution? This is the one feature where Plex outshines CDVR, which is unusual.

Doubtful, since Callsheet is an iOS app.

(Is there an ad-free attractive TMDB client for Android?)