Can Android survive this?

I just read this. I'm not wild about the implications.


Isn't it just a name change and updated OS?

I got the impression from the article that it was a complete change.

Google TV is basically just Google's new homescreen. Under the hood it is still Android TV as the OS.

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Android TV interface is better then Google tv. Big reason is lack of a advertising banner on my home screen.

If nvidia shield ever forces me to google tv interface. I will go office space on that bitch.

Long live Android TV

Not really a big fan of the current GoogleTV Home Screen (although there is an "Apps Only" mode available), I prefer the "regular" AndroidTV interface. Won't worry about the change until it happens, and at that time I'll consider my alternatives.

I remember the original Google TV devices. Google is a company that just can't figure out how to brand themselves properly.

The Google TV home screen doesn't bother me. I don't mind if they can provide me useful information on things to watch. I guess we'll see how useful it ends up being.

The closest analogue I can think of is Netflix's interface. The new Google TV interface is essentially the same as Netflix, except it aggregates across multiple OTT services.

While it does sometimes include links to programs/movies that are either for rent/purchase, or on services you don't subscribe to, you can specify which services you subscribe to, and it will favor items on those services.

For more information, you can check out Google's landing page for Google TV.

If that's the case, then the latest news may trouble you:

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****begins crying

Time to disable auto-update. Not updating until I am forced to. Taking a product with 0 forced ads on it. Then making a update that puts ads on my home screen is 100% bullshit. I blame @racameron and @Ron_Lawrence.

I was just all happy living in my little bubble. It was nice an quiet. No google banner ads (thats why I returned my chromecast). This is all yalls fault. You made me face reality. Don't do that again.


I have always wanted to build a mini-pc with vesa mount. Hmmmmm. That 5700g in a asrock x300 sounds like a lot of fun. But will windows be a good UI for a tv Box.

Solution. NVIDIA! Dont roll out a update that will make your customers hate u more then they do. please.

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Don't blame me, I hate Google! If nVidia goes ahead with this I'll use my Shield for target practice! Of I've got thevdouble whammy of having an Android TV.
Of course we can also hope that Channels comes through with a way to block all the ads.
I can see this leading to a big uptick in demand for IPTV services.

I will also disable auto update. What we really need is a Russian hacker to stop this!

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I keep seeing people complaining about the "ads" at the top of their screen. Maybe I am missing something? I bought the Google TV device and quite like it. At the top of my screen the "ads" are recommendations of stuff I may want to watch. It has actually given me some stuff I wanted to watch. If not, I keep scrolling down to my apps, no big deal.

It's not like they are advertising a new car model or underwear.

  1. Channels has no means to override the home screen.
  2. IPTV services from the grey/black market sources of streams are not supported. (Legitimate streams are supported, but the grey market is vast.)

I'll never say never to #1 as there are lots if smart people out there.
As for #2 I was more implying that if Google covers us up in ads a lot of people will just abandon Google/Android and go over to the dark side. I see enough ads just trying to watch the normal shows getting hammered with more of them just isn't acceptable.

You lost me there. What software/platform would you use to play content from the "dark side"? Unless I'm missing something, the ads are part of the Google platform Android TV/Google TV; regardless of the source for content you use. If you play the content on an Android TV, you're going to get the ads no matter where you get the content.

I see this as no big deal at all. LOL makes me laugh how folks act like it is the end of the world. Maybe they will add profiles like my FireTVCube love it.

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Kodi for one.

Sounds like its may be time to move to Apple TV then, their UI isnt great, but it isn't a ad machine.

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All I see is Video and Audio quality issues on AppleTV on this forum ... Android does not have these problems.

Then you have obviously not been reading every post. Android clients (and their inferior HW decoders) have more issues than Apple's. Also, it's clear you don't use Apple clients, as their UX is still superior to Android's, especially WRT Channels.