Can I move all my Christmas video off my server and restore later

Can I move all my Christmas Recording off my server and restore at a later time (keeping commercial skipping intact) or move to an external drive and keep full function.

This started with my WD OS5 where I had to move my recording location for the program to see them. I found many recording that no longer show up in my movies or tv area. If I move them and import them the commercial skipping goes away and so does the art work for the movie or tv show.

Not sure what you mean, but maybe this will help?

Before Channels added the Web UI additional storage, I frequently copied movies and shows to an external hard drive and then manually deleted the movies’ or shows’ file from my /Channels/Movies and /Channels/TV folders. This freed space on the Channels record drive. When I wished to watch the movie, I just copied it back to it original record location. All the metadata is stored in the Channels database. Try it with a test recording. Just remember not to use the Delete function within Channels.

I don’t use commercial detection, so cannot comment on it. Trying different things in Channels is fun. Sometimes things just work!

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It would be nice for a Holidays category in the Library somewhere so you park things from Christmas, Halloween, etc. Not going to watch them but once a year. I suppose they are always back available every year so could just delete them and find them again later. I'm not worried about the space as much as I don't really want to look at them in the Library for a year.

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Like the previous posts state, it depends on what you mean.
Do you want to hide them until next Christmas or are you trying to save space where Channels DVR is recording to.
You can create a second directory on any accessible drive for Channels to read from.
It will then be able to access your old recordings from it if you move your old recordings to it.
Now available from the web UI
The first path is where it will record to, the second and additional paths are where it will look for older recordings.
You could set it to record to a new path and use your old one as secondary so it will look there for old recordings.
Add Storage Path
Was a hack when first implemented and everyone had too much fun trying to get it working.

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