Can I use BBC Four HD iPlayer stream in Channels?

Works a treat for me. Cheers Miles!

Damn it, that means I have screwed up somewhere.

Thanks miibeez, the itvx website has 20+ curated channels on there that don't require an app - are you able to bring those across as well, e.g.

Messing around with this. I got everything to work except ITV. (and Blaze, not sure why yet)
I don't see a playlist for ITV. Is something required other than an itvx account?

Great work on this project!

Same here with Blaze and C5.


As far as I can tell, only the BBC is hls.
When I tried itv, no playlist was generated.
Might be on my end since this is all experimental.

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My ITV setup


Docker Desktop requires "double quotes" around the ITV credentials in order to work properly.

Gotcha. I wouldn't know as I use Linux and portainer for docker.

HI, I'm running the BBC Vlc bridge but also want to run the ITV one at same time in docker, but I get an error message that says...

"/vlc-bridge-uk" is already in use by container "xxxxxxxxxx". You have to remove (or rename) that container to be able to reuse that name."

It's probably an easy solution in docker (OSX) but I'm a docker novice and really struggle with it. Any help would be appreciated.

Toy can use the same container for both itv and bbc. No need to duplicate.

Thanks for you responses but now I'm getting the error message....

"failed: port is already allocated'

How do I change port on itv bridge to something other than 7777

You probably already have vlc bridge running. Check to see if that is the case. It is unlikely that ylu have another container using that same port