Can I use BBC Four HD iPlayer stream in Channels?

Pretty cool. Wonder if we can add a xml guide to it.

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Awesome thanks.

They are live broadcast channels so the guide data is already available. Just go to manage line up and match to the right channel.

Hi, can someone give me a link to the Reddit post to explore this please? Thanks

Got ya except I am not in the Uk so I have to use an online xml guide to map them.
The docker m3u gave me 32 BBC channels, prob only use 5 or so.
Did you also get others eg. Channel 4 etc.

Just use the link above to Mille's gitlab project

I appreciate your response, but for mortals like me, github code links for docker are about as much use to me as chocolate fireguards. I need it to be a bit more more user friendly. I'm just looking for the simplest way to add the BBC channels. I'm in the UK. Thanks

There is a separate m3u for each service. If you input the ip of your docker into web with port 7777 it will show links for all the services for you to copy into channels

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PS do you not get them if you select All Line Ups in the drop down and search for the channel? I get US listings in there despite being in UK

You mean all channels in the app ?
No, because I only added the BBC to start with, it was only the 32 channels from there.
I have just added C4 and UkTVPLAy. Both of them added 4 channels but they are in MPEGTS so you have adjust that.
This will be awesome once I get the guide attached.
E: Oh you mean the drop down menu from the mapping option. No I dont see any UK, I do see US stuff
Ok now I see what you meant earlier. Since the UK is a supported territory, I can simply use the guide data available to match it instead of looking for 3rd party sources.
In the provider I selected UK and set the postcode to NW1 which gave me about 13 or so UK channels and I mapped BBC 1, 2, 3 and 4 to try and it seems to be adding the data!

Post code is not required. You can use the Search All feature in the guide mapper.

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Thanks. So, the postcode generated a default GBR guide which I am assigning to each of the UK services. Any channel that is not listed I am searching using the Search All Lineups method.

Is this still reliably working for people. I run the docker, and it all seems to be running correctly. Then after a few min, the docker puts loads of these messages in the log.

2023/03/30 15:17:52 WARN My5/5action: invalid track id=-1665773358

So far BBC seems to be ok. But the commercial channels seem to keep failing

(I'm fairly new to Docker so it's probably me doing something wrong)

For me, I deleted the my5 channels becuase they were only standard def (not the docker containers fault). I did get those track errors as well though. BBC, 4, and ITV work great though for me. All limited to 720p but that's webstream limitation...

sorry my5 no HD

"invalid track id" problem i check it

new docker latest is fix

make stop delete old docker. after start again

docker ps
docker stop [name]
docker rm [name]
docker pull
docker run -d -p 7777:7777 --name vlc-bridge-uk

Oh brilliant. Thank you for this

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latest work good?

Has this stopped working?

Nope, working great

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