Can you end PIP on an Apple TV without the Siri remote?

I am starting to play with PIP on the Apple TV and can't find away to get rid of the PIP window without going back to the Siri Remote, which we rarely use. Anyone found a way to do this with an IR remote like the All for One Streamer? Its not a huge deal because unlike on iOS where PIP is very useful, I haven't come up with a real use case where I'd probably want to use PIP on the Apple TV. Possibly if I was wondering around in the Guide to set some recordings and wanted to keep watching a show. Other than that, all the apps on an Apple TV are apps that you would want to watch a video so not that useful.

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IIRC, the TV button on the Siri remote is not exposed as an IR command. It is only available to Bluetooth remotes.

That's what I thought, thanks. So only a Caavo or Harmony... or I guess I can always use my iPhone.

Sofabaton is another decent BT remote.

Thats a very good thing to know and should document it as well... I have a Harmony and was having a rough time with that lil' PIP until I tried the lil' ATV remote... so I should simple program one of the buttons to match the Apple (top right) home button?

Good call, I'll mention it in the PIP docs. Though we sort of come from the direction that people are using the remote that came and was designed for the device, which isn't uncommon.

We're testing some improvements for PIP on Apple TV, to better integrate with third-party remotes and allow easier ways to start/stop PIP.

Please try the new TestFlight build and provide your feedback here: BETA: PIP on Apple TV improvements (TestFlight)

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