Cannot remove HDHomeRun from source menu


I cannot find the "remove" button in order to remove an HdHomeRun device. I've entered it manually by IP address just for testing and now I cannot remove it.

Please, look at the enclosed screenshot and explain how to do it.


It wont be used since you haven't mapped a guide provider to it.
It shows up because the server can see it on your local network.
Even if you turned it off or disconnected it from the network, the next time it's powered on or connected it will show up again.


Physically disconnect the tuner from your network, and then restart the DVR server.

But that's extreme. Channels scans the network at the DVR server's startup, and any discovered tuners are listed. But, Channels will only use a tuner for viewing/recording if you have a guide source defined for it. Going off your screenshot, Channels has no guide info for your tuner, and will therefore ignore the tuner.

Right now Channels has automatically scanned for the guida and now my entire lineup is a mess with hundreds of channels I don't want to view. How is it possible that there is no a remove button?

Are you talking only the DVR server, or the clients, too?

For the clients, go to Settings > Manage Sources and disable the HDHR tuner, and it will not be available to that client, and its channels will not be present in the guide.

Again, for the DVR server, if it does not have a guide source/location associated with it, the HDHR tuner will not be used for recordings.

On my Channels DVR server I didn't setup any EPG provider. It seems that Channels has grabbed the EPG over the air. I think a "remove" option on DVR Server side is needed.

On my Client app now I have hundreds of channels. Thank you for the advice, now that HDHR is disabled I don't have all my lineup messed anymore. ( Settings > Manage Sources)

The server and each client will automatically detect an HDHR tuner on its local network.
The server wont use it if no guide provider is selected.
The clients will automatically use it as they get their guide data separate from the server.

Channels does not use the EIT/embedded guide data provided OTA. All of Channels' guide data comes from third-parties over the internet.

Again, if guide data is not associated with the tuner in the DVR, Channels will not use it. Also remember, sources in the clients and the DVR server are separate and not shared. If the tuner has no guide provider, that does not stop a client from seeing the tuner; the clients' settings are separate and not shared with the DVR server. (The clients' settings are for live viewing, the server's settings are for recording.)

A remove button is supposed to appear if the tuner was added manually by IP. I will look into it.

I would really like to be able to choose to remove things from ChannelsDVR server.
I have an HDHR, but I don't use it with Channels.
The fact that I cannot get Channels to ignore the HDHR is a problem for me.
As a workaround, I tried to "hide" all the channels within the source on the DVR server, it then goes and disables the channels on the HDHR itself.

Please advise.

Channels will list any HDHR tuner it discovers in the network. If you are not using it, unplug it from your network and restart the DVR server/apps, and it will no longer appear in their source lists.

If you want to keep it attached to your network (because you use it with other apps) you can do so, and tell Channels not to use it:

  • For the DVR: if you delete the guide listing/location associated with your tuner, Channels will no longer use it for recordings.
  • For the apps: you can manually disable a tuner in Settings > Manage Sources. Select your tuner, and disable it there.

(Sources are handled separately for the DVR/recording and the apps/live viewing. Yes, it's confusing, but that's the way it is right now.)

I'm aware. I have read... hence, "I have an HDHR, but I don't use it with Channels."
That still leaves the HDHR as a present device, meaning I can't use the M3U of /devices/ANY.
/devices/ANY is preferred because I have two TVE sources and it keeps that simple.

This was definitely not expected behavior for me.

The status of channels in the DVR—favorite or disabled—is mirrored directly onto the tuner itself. Whereas clients maintain their own channel statuses, think of the setting in the DVR more as a "pass-through", when the DVR web UI serves as an interface directly to the tuner. I agree this may not be immediately apparent or intuitive, but that's how it presently works.

Perhaps if you described how you are using Channels, then better solutions could be found. Because with this new information, it now sounds as if you are using Channels as a source to another program, which changes things.

Remember, this is a community of other users, and we only know what you tell us. If you don't provide relevant details, you're only going to get pointless guesses.

(And if your need/use case is substantially different from the OP, perhaps consider creating a new topic with your particular details. That way this thread can remain on topic, and will help those who come looking for answers down the road.)

I want to be able to remove HDHR from ChannelsDVR even if discovered.
That fact is in line with the OP's ask.


Unfortunately, that's not possible at the moment. If it is discovered, it will appear in the DVR's sources. To stop its discovery, remove it from your network.

If you have the ability to put your HDHR on a separate VLAN from CDVR that would effectively hide it from CDVR. Of course, whatever app is accessing the HDHR would then need to address the HDHR by IP or be on that same VLAN.

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Network segmentation can help here, as can blocking the port used for discovery (I believe it's 65001). Although, depending upon how your network is set up, broadcast/discovery packets may be routed/relayed across subnets.

Using the network rules/topology to effectively "hide" the tuner from Channels is essentially the same thing as removing it from the network, at least as far as Channels is concerned.

This is a pain in the butt that anytime you connect a new client you have to go and disable the tuners that you do not provide guide data at the server. For Example I have the HDHR5-4K tuner with no guide data at the server so it will not be used ... but I do use it for the HDHomeRun app.... but anytime I clear the data or startup a new Client it is always enabled and first.

It is time that they check the server for tuner priority and enabled/disabled tuners at the server.


If you run Channels DVR in a docker container using a bridge network, then your HDHR devices won't appear since their broadcast traffic won't be seen on the bridge network.

You can add an HDHR by specifying its IP address though.

Here's what I did.
In Docker, created a user defined bridge network cdvr-net subnet gateway

In the docker run command, I specified using the cdvr-net bridge network and to bind it to my LAN1 interface at
--network=cdvr-net -p

Haven't tried yet, but assume a channels client can't see the dvr and you would have to specify the dvr server ip address in the client (in my case

I'm running Channels DVR in three containers.
One for Pluto (notice no HDHR found)
Screenshot 2021-07-08 at 13-54-24 Channels Settings
One for TVE (notice no HDHR found)
Screenshot 2021-07-08 at 13-54-53 Channels Settings
One for my HDHR Prime (added by IP address)
Screenshot 2021-07-08 at 13-55-08 Channels Settings