Certain Recordings Not Starting Well

I'm using a Fire Cube and certain recordings don't start well. I think it's mainly ATSC 2.0 material. I'll start the recording and nothing happens. Hitting FF/REW sometimes gets the program going. Sometimes I have to exit Channels all the way. FF outside the buffer can also be problematic, but normal playback is fine.

For a long time I thought it was a network issue, but now I'm thinking it's more an issue decoding the material. I have no issues streaming and most 3.0 material is fine.


Okay, I guess not a lot of people provide answers here.

Anyway, I think I figured it out, so for the benefit of others . . .. Use "Hybrid" for playback in advanced settings on the Channels app on the Fire Cube. Software doesn't work at all for the 3.0 channels (just audio, no video) but Hybrid seems to work for both. I'm a bit surprised it isn't the default (I doubt I changed that).