Hi, My ISP is using CGNAT and I was looking for a way to avoid the static IP monthly charge. I installed tailscale on my Win10 DVR per the some suggestions I've seen here. I also loaded it on my laptop and iPhone. It works quite well when on wifi, but on my mobile device it really doesn't work at all over LTE. It always says the DVR cannot be found at the IP. I assume this is an issue with my mobile carrier (Mint, TMobile MVNO) since the actual speed tests I run on the device are quite sufficient. I know this isn't a Tailscale support site but I just wanted to see how it works on other people's mobile devices over LTE. TIA

I had the same problem using ZeroTier and it turned out that if I joined the network on the phone while connected to WiFi, it got confused when I left the house. If I joined with WiFi off, then it seems happy no matter where I go. I’m sure a networking expert could tell me why but that made it work for me.

AIUI, Tailscale is essentially creating your own private Wireguard network. If that's the case, when you are remote on your phone, but connected via Tailscale, the Channels app sees the IP address as local, and thinks you're at home. In that situation you need to change the "Home" streaming quality to something a bit more realistic for cellular streaming.

I tried that... I lowered the home connection speed to 4Mbps and it sped up displaying the on now screen icons a bit on wifi, but when I turn the wifi off I get that it cannot discover the dvr server. I was thinking it was something to do with the isp because when I run speed tests, the LTE speed is actually faster than the wifi where I am. Latency is a little higher but the throughput is faster.

Well, I just connected my laptop through the wifi hotspot on my phone and it works like a champ using the Tmobile network. Looks like it is only an issue on my phone (iPhone 11), I'm now less sure what the issue is...

Sorry, there actually is another open thread about this issue that the Admins are participating in. Didn’t mean to create a duplicate.