Change time format on guide/ dvr settings

I was available to do so on Pi image but the ubuntu doesnt let me on the server localhost page. I assume this will update and change the time for my guide for the channels along with it? No VPN or anything on and all the logins are from local too.

Is there some issue you're trying to fix?

Yes my guide to channels is off about two hours
I cant update my timezone anywhere
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sudo timedatectl set-timezone America/Los_Angeles

Of course, you'll want to supply your own timezone.

And to change the format/locale: sudo localectl set-locale en_US.UTF-8

See also: timedatectl(1), localectl(1)

The timezone does not affect guide data.

Where are you seeing its off by two hours and on which channels?

Every channel as it's almost 11 here

That would be set in your device, not the server. The app will use the device's locale settings to determine the timezone and formats.

You mean router Amazon fire cube or?

Whatever device is running the Channels app. If that is a Fire TV Cube, then you need to go into that device's settings, and adjust the date/time there.