Channel DVR Australia


Hi, Just purchased a HDHR and started setting up the Channels DVR, upon setting up the guide data Australia is not in the options list, however it states in the Channels FAQ's that Australia is supported by the DVR, however I cannot proceed past the guide data point of setup.

Am I missing something? or is the DRV subscription in Australia not a thing yet?



Just cancelled subscription. Appears that there is no Australian guide support.


Yes I think that’s where I’m heading


I went through this whole process last year. Channels not interested in Oz customers so I gave them the flick and now use Plex DVR with IceTV guide. Works well and thoroughly recommend.


and the conclusion seems unanimous, I’m out !!

Thanks to all that replied, no to seek something else, I might try either Tvheadend of the HDHomeRun app on my synology.


Same decision I made over a year ago, never looked back since I started using Plex DVR with HDHomeRun streaming from Synology NAS to anything anywhere.