BETA: XMLTV support in DVR

We are beta-testing a new XMLTV EPG option in the DVR, to support users in international countries where we're unable to offer gracenote guide data.

This beta is focused primarily on hdhomerun users in Australia (cc @aussies), where you now have several options for guide data:

  1. SiliconDust's DVR subscription now offers an XMLTV guide as part of the $35USD/yr subscription fee. You can subscribe to their service here and then associate it with your HDHR here using the code in the confirmation email.

  2. IceTV offers a $3.99AUD/mo XMLTV guide subscription here

  3. Community maintained XMLTV data files here

To try this feature out, first update your DVR by click-and-hold on the Check for Update button. Next, when you click Pick Guide Data under your HDHomeRun, you will now see some new XMLTV options:

Most of our testing so far has been with Australian XMLTV data, but users in other countries are welcome to participate. Users in NZ can also try the SiliconDust DVR data (although the quality does not seem as good in terms of images and metadata), or community sources like NZXMLTV here.

Please share your experiences below. This feature is still in development, so if you run into bugs or have sample xmltv files from different regions please email us [email protected]

NOTE: In addition to updating your DVR to v2019.12.22.2303 or later, we recommend the latest beta apps for Apple TV and Android TV on


Works great on my shield.Should it have the ability to record?I'm using icetv guide.

Excellent news.
To date I have been using Plex DVR with Ice TV XMLTV service.
It's good to hear there is now support for Channels DVR in AU.
So, I have just subscribed to Channels DVR and, as I am already a subscriber to HDHR DVR, I will give this a tryout.


I must be doing something wrong. I have updated to version 2019.12.24.0128. But I don't see the new option.

Post a screenshot of what you see?

Here you go:


Try shift reload or another browser or incognito window

I just tried from a Mac that has never used the site before, it's also not showing the new options.

CHi Frank,
I had the same problem. I reloaded the URL and the update was there. So far works well. Using Icetv.

Was using Plex with Icetv. I think the quality and ease of use is better with Channels.

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Excellent, will give this a whirl. There are 1 or 2 UK channels on Freesat (not Freeview), so I’m missing a few EPGs from Channels/Gracenote - now, I can export the OTA EPG from TVHeadend in XMLTV format for the missing channels.

What do you mean by reload the URL?


Does this not work with Telly? I don’t see a way to select the Telly EPG URL.

Refresh in the browser you’re using.

You're looking in the wrong place. You need to click the trash icon under your hdhomerun then click Pick Guide Provider.

Thanks. You are correct.. I was looking in the wrong place.

Could you email us a copy of the xmltv file to [email protected]?

I'm not sure it will work very well, since presumably TVH is getting the data from DVB and it won't include art or metadata required (season/episode number, first-run marker, etc).

Is there a plan to add it to the channel mapping screen?

Then I could use Gracenote for most channels, but XMLTV for the one or two not present (FrontRunner, no longer on Freeview but is on Freesat/Sky, so could use OTA EPG for basic data)

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I don’t see the little trash icon below.

I presume on the main admin UI screen:

It's not possible to combine gracenote and xmltv.

Gracenote has data for freesat so it would be easier to fix the missing mappings. I'll upload a build which adds freesat to the picker

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