Channel Logos

On my UK Channels guide there is no Logo for "Talk TV" and on My Irish channels there is no Logo for RTE 2 +1. How can I add Logos to these channels?

Are there logos in the official HDHR app?

I'm not using a HD HomeRun. I'm using a Vbox tuner and M3U. I can match all the other channels for Guide data which loads logos for them just nor for the two channels mentioned.

So there is correct guide data but no logo?


can you find the station ids for each of those channels via http://x.x.x.x:8089/devices

i will report them to our provider as missing logos

RTE 2+1 station ID = 111452
Talk TV station ID = 122614

Thanks for your help

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Do you know where a high quality logo can be found for this channel

Is this good enough?

Looks pretty fuzzy

This any better?

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I have the same with Talk TV - no logo but full epg with images. Have logged before

This is working for me now