Channel Loops

Good afternoon,

I've been encountering this error for quite sometime but never actually submitted it.

Basically while watching a TVE channel, sometimes the channel gets stuck in a 5 second loop where it repeats this loop. It usually will fix itself after looping about 5-7 times, but it's very annoying. Any chance you can check on this?

Also I submitted a log from my player as well.


Could you give me a guess for how long it was between when you saw it and when you submitted the diagnostics?

I get this also but I just back out and go back in. Hasn’t been really that annoying for me to troubleshoot. This is probably not related but Another thing that happens with tve is that after watching a channel live for a while and you try to back out To the guide, it says that you are not live in the buffer and the buffer is longer than the live marker.

@AeroR1 I agree that it's unlikely the other issue is related.

Probably less than 5 minutes.

Also what the other person said, it is related. Since it starts looping, it places the counter for the show behind the live show. So I'm not missing any part of the show, when it finally starts again it just continues along. But it's looping for about 15-30 seconds at time. I also have seen this in recording as well

How long is the video that keeps repeating? 3 seconds? 6 seconds? Does the repeated part get longer each time it repeats or does it stay the same until it continues?

I would say closer to 3 seconds. Doesn't get longer, stays the same length. The number of times it loops varies though. Sometimes it's only once, sometimes it's 5 times.

If you had to guess how long it lasted this past time before it made progress again, does 40 seconds sound right?

Yes, it was definitely longer than it has been in the past.

I've seen this behavior once or twice but it's been a while ago. For me, the recording would have loops in the video. Maybe 3-5 seconds and repeat 3-4 times. In one recording it happened a lot. This was a recording on MSNBC. Interestingly, the recording was 2 minutes longer than it should have been but the entire show was recorded as if there was no issue. I did't think much of it because when I use the MSNBC app or the CNN app, this occurs on occasion without Channels being involved. Until reading this thread, I didn't attribute the issue to Channels.

I think this is the crux of the issue. The problem isn't with Channels, but rather with the playlists generated by the networks' sites that Channels is being given. Having this data point—that this occurs within the networks' own apps—firmly places the root of this problem in the networks' realm, not Channels'.

For live news like CNN and MSNBC I can believe the issue is with the stream. Maybe when they have to extend a commercial break they replay the last segment?

But OP was having issues on TBS which is unexpected.

I've seen it on TBS, TNT, CNN, and TVLAND.

Thanks for checking on this!

Watching Animal Planet tonight. and it keep looping the same 2 commercials several times, until i backed out of the channel, then reloaded it, then it loaded the program fine.

First time i have seen that, not sure if this is the same "looping" that the OP is having.
If it happens again, ill submit diags.

I noticed something odd in the logs that lined enough up with the described situation that I was able to make a change that may solve the issue.

I was unable to reason out exactly how the bug is happening or reproduce it, but I have enough of a suspicion of what is happening so let me know if it still happens.

Please press-and-hold on the Check For Updates button in the Settings page of your DVR to try it out.

This is the same issue that I have been discussing in the "Max Headroom Effect" thread. I've seen it mostly on CNN, but once on MSNBC. In one instance, I have observed it occurring on the CNN live stream on Channels (using the web app) while simultaneously watching the live stream on Spectrum Cable, and on the CNN Go app (on the same computer as the web app).The looping only occurred on the Channels stream.

I just installed the update you created. I'll let you know how it works!

Incidentally, I submitted diagnostics seconds after observing this behavior: 1c4943a0-57f6-41c1-9cf9-ad7188728485 on May 5th.

@jay343 how long do you think the looping occured? How many times did it loop?

This happens every day, on every CNN program that I watch and record. The loops happen randomly, perhaps 3 or 4 times per hour. Each loop occurs 1 to 5 times, the duration of each loop is 3 seconds, and that seems to be constant.

Incidentally, the recording log for these shows are weird. This is the log visible in the web client under Recordings/Shows/(show name)/(gear icon)/View Recording Log. Most shows have a few lines there, but every CNN show I examined have extremely log logs. The most recent Cuomo Prime Time log (5/27/2020 at 6:00 PM) has 278,869 lines! There is an average of 10 entries per second. It doesn't look like errors, it looks more like the logging verbosity set to max.