Channel rewinds to beginning of buffer

I thought this issue had gone away, but it seems to be back, if I'm watching a channel for too long, it appears the buffer fills up and then rewinds and starts playing from when I first went on the channel.
When this happens I have to back up to the guide, and start playing the channel live.

Any suggestions on a fix would be helpful.

I am assuming when the buffer fills the beginning is supposed to be flushed as new content is saved.

I would recommend submitting diagnostics after the issue happens.

Will do,

We've seen reports of these sorts of issues on Android and are working on a new mechanism for buffering that should resolve these. We have been beta testing the new mechanism on iOS/tvOS and it has looked like it's working nicely there, so we are now starting on the work to integrate it with Android as well.


thanks, will be good to see, it doesn't always seem to happen, I was playing with a 2020 firestick instead of my usual firestick 4k when it happened, it hasn't happened since I reported it.

Noticed this happening again after I installed some more apps on my firestick.

Channels doesn’t seem to check how much space there is for a buffer on launch, and keep to it, but it’s been fine since I cleared the data and cache for Channels in the application manager, and it seems to have worked out how much space it has to play with as it thinks it’s a first launch.

Not sure what channels actually does, in relation to buffer size, but in my mind, seems like this is the case.

This should be fixed in the beta if you enable Settings > Debug > New HDHR Streaming