Channel up/down - keyboard

new user here, signed up yesterday, and I am amazed, ready to finally cut the cord for good. kudos to my fellow software developers for integrating TVE so seamlessly - exactly what I've been waiting for.

really love the app, too.

However, one feature I really miss - old habits die hard -, is the ability to just flip through channels with one click of a button. I did discover that the Channels App on my FireTV can be somewhat controlled with a bluetooth keyboard. I can change channels by entering channel number and hitting enter - no OSD, but works for me. I can also do a "channel down" hitting the "-" key. However, I haven't found out how I can do a "channel up". The obvious choice, "+", didn't work. I tried basically every key on the keyboard, none triggered a "channel up".
Anyone has a clue how/if this is doable - with keyboard, remote, whatever?

Ideally, since left/right and ff/rew on the fire remote trigger the same actions, I'ld love to be able to do a channel up/down on the Amazon remote, but I understand that this is probably not a priority.

One more thing I'ld love to see on the FireTVStick 4K is video continuing playback in the background while viewing the "Guide"/"DVR" etc - or at least have a grid option in the "Quick Guide". As beautiful as it is with the tiles and all - with >150 channels from TVE it's just too cluttered to navigate through the tiles for me.

But, again, thanks for that great product. Still in the trial, but will probably cancel my cable with the next bill.

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Not sure why plus didn't work, but you can use page up/down

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Awesome, thanks for the quick reply.

My st**pid BT keyboard - "Android style" - doesn't have pg up/down - and apparently fn-up/down doesn't do the trick.

But if that works, that's all I need to know. Gonna figure out a configurable BT remote that acts as keyboard anyway.
Gonna go try with another Android phone acting as BT keyboard or


We also have an api (, although it doesn't currently have endpoints for channel up/down.

that's really cool. are there any plans to extend the API? I can see myself developing a "control app" for channels :slight_smile:

obviously, channel up/down would be great.

also, a way to "upload" the favorite_channels json would be great. since favorites are apparently per device - and it's pretty cumbersome to arrange them on the fire-stick - it would be a great addition. tried a POST to the /api/favorite_channels endpoint, but to no avail :smiley:

are there any other ways to sort the favorites or even change channel numbers for "all" on ther server? did glance at settings.db, but doesn't look like it's in there

We're working on a favorites sync feature

Feature requests for the API are welcome. Adding channel up/down seems like a no-brainer

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just created a feature request for uploading favorites, but if they'll eventually be able to be synced, that's probably low prio.

do you want me to create a channel up/down feature request, too, or does this thread count? :slight_smile:

This thread is fine. I'll poke at it today.

I've added POST /api/channel_up (and down) to the API in the latest betas.