Channel video not playing


For about 3 days on my FireTV nothing live has played. DVR has same issue, but getting about 100mbps down when I check the speed. Tuner is found but just get a black screen instead of channel video. After about 5 minutes of searching it says no tuner detected and then finds a tuner and goes back to the guide.

Still works on my Shield and my Pixel3XL. Have deleted and uninstalled both the HD app and Channels app. Also I should mention channels do play on native HDHR app.


Open the dvr web UI, check the IP shown under your hdhomerun and make sure it's correct. When you click the IP does it load the HDHR page?


Please excuse my ignorance, but what is dvr web UI?


When you click the DVR on your PC/NAS it opens a browser with the web-based configuration UI.