Channels 2.0 for Apple TV


After a long year of going from a simple “what if this could work” type app, to something that we’ve all enjoyed using as our main source of TV, today Channels goes to 2.0.

The biggest change is that it FINALLY has a grid guide. We really hope that this helps Channels make your Apple TV be even more of a set top box replacement. Along with the grid guide, we put a fresh coat of paint on it. We hope you like it!

Thanks so much for all of you in the community that have suggested features, helped with beta testing, or just told your friends about Channels. You’re literally the best.

Grid Guide


Hope with this out the door we might see the DVR beta soon :slight_smile:


Nice work! Thank you


Will there be a charge for channels 2.0?


This is a free upgrade.


There is no additional charge for 2.0. This is just another regular update to our app, available today via the tvOS App Store. The price of the app for new users has also not changed.


Outstanding update…thanks!

I recently moved to the HDHR + Channels from Tablo, and other than recording capability, Channels is infinitely better. Tablo was not stable and very very very slow.

Great work!

Channel switching time?

App looks Great!! WOW thank you. I like the new JUMP button location. Ha! :+1:


Hell yes! Been waiting for this! Also looking forward to Channels DVR. I can finally put the WMC to rest.


Looks great the new style.

Is it possible to hide Some filters, like sd HD? Or give it a function to hide it ourself?

Also, the sports, kids etc filter doesnt show any item with greacenote.

Another thing i like to see, when i pause or tap the remote, i like to see in the timeline how long the program is playing and how long to the next show.


We just released 2.0.1 with a fix for this issue.


After the update stil no programs in the other filters


Not working for me either. As an example, I have mostly HD channels, and the HD category is empty. The only category that seems to be populating for me is News.


The HD/SD categorization does not currently work for legacy tuners. Only the new tuners detect HD content during the channel scan.

The other genre filters are using the Gracenote data correctly now, but it’s possible they don’t have the metadata set correctly on all their programs.


Great new update and thanks for the grid guide!

It’s amazing, I’ve been paying for Sling TV for several months to complement my OTA channels, and they have yet to provide even a basic way to organize channels (despite several requests for at least this feature). You guys, a much smaller operation, are clearly listening to your customers and making things happen.


Boy, was I surprised to see the update tonight. I had to ask my son if that was really Channels? At first I didn’t believe him when he said it was. Great update!

Thanks especially for the grid view, and by category. All that’s missing now is the (HDHomeRun) DVR integration (please, please).


Love the 2.0 upgrade. The grid guide is a wonderful addition. Thanks.


Besides the new features I hate the design. It used to be a beautiful app but now it is simply ugly. Please please add another theme with different colors…


I love the new guide and how you can filter what you want to see. It’s incredibly handy! I have to agree with a few others though that the purple theme isn’t doing it for me. I do appreciate how it does give your app its own identity, but I liked how your app always felt at home on the Apple TV before. Now it just feels less native. I’m sure with the DVR and everything, this’ll get on the back burner for at least awhile, but I do hope in the future you consider adding a “system” theme that restores the feel of the app before the update. Otherwise, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for your app!