Channels 4.0 is released

Hey everyone, we just released Channels 4.0 for tvOS and iOS.

It was a long road to get all of these amazing features added. Thanks to all of you that helped beta test it and give us feedback!

You can learn more about it here:


Thanks to all the devs for all the hard work on this. Channels just gets better with every release!


Thanks for a great update. If we were in the beta, what do we need to do now to upgrade our Channels DVR app that wasn't the beta? I assume we uninstall the beta. Then do we need to go back to the App Store to get 4.0, or will it update from what we had already?

The beta and store release are 2 separate apps. Just stop using the beta, and download the most recent update manually from the App Store.

We routinely put new features through beta, so it'll be active again eventually.

How do you add items to the sidebar?

In the Manage Navigation section of the General Settings.

In General I only have Lineup Order and Quick Guide.

Sidebar items can only be added for DVR content. If you're using HDHR only, there's nothing to add.

That’s it then. Why wouldn’t you add that option for all users?

Like @tmm1 said, there’s no additional items to add for non dvr users. All there is, is On Now, Guide, and Settings.

Sweet. Thanks.

@maddox "up next on top shelf" doesn't seem to work if there are no favorite channels, only tested remotely.

I really like the under the hood improvements, etc. I will continue to pay the monthly DVR fee to take advantage of the superior recording features and will use Channels for viewing TVE content (live) but will use Plex for live local tv and to watch recordings. I think Channels still has some UI changes to make for me to want to use it all the time.

Is the Channels App supposed to update to the 4.0 version or is it a new app to download? All of my iOS and iPadOS devices are still running 3.2.45. I have the 7.21.122 beta as well but I keep the rest of the family away from the betas.

Go into the App Store, search for Channels DVR, and hit the Update button.

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I have the same question. @pdaphone replied to download the Channels DVR version but he did not make it clear that the developers are or are not planning to update the Channels App version.

We've released the app via a 7 day phased release. This means that a subset of people will have the app auto update across 7 days.

You can still get the update right away by visiting the app store and manually downloading the update.