Channels and Channels DVR crashing on Shield TV


Trying both apps this morning after not using for several days and they both show the purple screen and then crash out to the home screen.

Restarted device, cleared data and uninstalled/reinstalled to the same result.

Anyone else having this issue?


Same here had to use FireStick to watch TV.


Same issue here, kept saying no tuner found earlier and now can’t get into the app. Works ok on other devices though.


I didn’t look through the forum categories so I didn’t see that this was mentioned already.


Ah could you link to where it has been mentioned?


Same on one of our MiBox S': Channels 2.1.5.beta-v215 Does Not Run On Xiaomi MiBox S (I haven't bothered checking the other one. I assume it'll do the same.)

Apparently also noted here: Version 214 and 215 problems on sony bravia and here

Latest Android Beta would appear to be thoroughly b0rk3d.


Was this even tested before released ?… it does not even start. I am scrambling to get Plex going with the recordings so the household can watch them.


same here. Last 2 versions have had a lot of problems. Need a fix real soon!


Same here. However, v214 works


Beta versions can have bugs. We appear to have been bitten by a bug in the new Android Studio 3.4 which was recently released. If you do not want to be in the beta, you can leave via

I've uploaded a new build v216 which should fix the crashes and black screen issue.


OK I left the Beta Program … but this was more than a bug as it could have easily been found if you installed and started the app.... it was not a hidden bug... it was pretty obvious.


The app ran as expected during our tests. It was only after it uploaded to Google Play store that the bug manifested.


No, a bug is precisely what it was. This is the nature of Beta code. Sometimes it's broken. That's why it's labelled Beta and not "stable release." If you don't want to expose yourself to the vagaries of Beta code, don't run Beta code.


Went back to Beta … I like auto comskip.


Came to make the "me too" post. All Android devices are down for us ATM.