Channels Android app?

So I have been using the FireTV app for a while now, recently purchased a Nvidia shield and just purchased the Android app for that. I was thinking of trying the DVR subscription out now figuring I could remotely access my recordings from my phone, using the Android app.

But Google play says the app is not compatible with my phone.
So How do I access my recordings remotely then?

Also, is watching live tv through Channels even possible on a Android phone? How? Web?


We don’t currently have an Android phone/tablet app on the store.

You can use your DVR via the web UI, which lets you access all DVR and live tv functions. You can access remotely too once the DVR is setup for remote access via

Thank you for the clarification. Sounds great!

Any plans to develop an Android phone version? I realize you guys got started in the iOS world but most consumers in the US carry an Android phone in their pocket.

I just signed up for your DVR service as a result of the HDHomeRun premium service being introduced. I wasn’t aware of your DVR solution and feel it offers the best DVR features for HDHomeRun owners. I’ve used the web app on my S9+ but a native app would be nice to have. Thanks.

Most by less than 10%, as of June of this year.

I believe they’ve intimated they’ll get to it eventually. Right now I believe their emphasis has been primarily on getting the Android and Fire TV stuff nailed-down. Then this SD Premium TV thing came along…

I don’t know about anybody else, but TV set streaming devices are most important to me. Having the iOS app is nice, but it’s lack would not be a show-stopper for me.

Of course: YMMV. Everybody’s does :slight_smile:

We have a beta available: BETA: Channels for Android phones/tablets