BETA: Channels for Android phones/tablets

We are beta testing a new version of Channels built and optimized for Android phones and tablets.

If you would like to test out the beta, you can opt-in here:

After an hour or so, you will be able to visit and install it to your phone.

Post your feedback here or start a new topic under


Sweet, love it. Not at home now. Is there casting like IOS?

Great news! Should we continue to post topics on bugs and issues in Beta Community > Android Alpha?

Yes, please post them in #beta:android

Just installed the Android beta on my Nexus 5x, and it is working beautifully. Awesome work guys!


I'm still getting this after I joined the Beta program and a week of waiting. Is there something I'm missing here?


It should say beta on that page. Are you sure you joined the beta with the link above on the same google account you're using with your devices?

That was the problem. I forgot I had setup a separate account for testing a new phone.

Thanks again!

Is PIP going to be supported?

Holy crap man, this is awesome! I just joined the beta and installed, and IT JUST WORKS. So smooth and easy and fast too!

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Nice new adaptive icon for the app :slight_smile: thank you!

We released Channels 2.1 today to the Play store and Amazon store, with support for phones and tablets.

Thanks to everyone who helped us alpha and beta test!


There is a weird channel issue happening for me... I set a DVR recording from the Android App for Deal or No Deal "Back In Business" on CNBC. For some reason, the ONLY channel the app wants to use for CNBC is 1544 which happens to be SD. The HD channel is 602. Any ideas?

Not familiar with the Android Play (Google Play) store. I am getting a Android TV device (a Pico Projector) that supports Google Play apps. Would this potentially allow me to run a channels client on it??

It should.

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