Channels app crashes on startup Firecube 1st edition all of a sudden

This started today. Went to start channels app and I get a spinning circle and then it crashes to the firetv home page. I have tried restarting the Firecube, clearing the channels cache, uninstalling and reinstalling the channels app and nothing works. I can still watch on the HDHomerun app but prefer the channels guide.

Same here with Fire TV 4K stick. I tried all normal reset procedures for an app (clear cache, data, restart Fire stick, etc.). What it appears is that the latest Channels update 2.1.24 might be the culprit. I have a total of four Sticks in my home. When I checked the others, the app works fine on those with version 2.1.23. Those with 2.1.24 all have have the problem.

Thanks everyone, we're hearing other people with issues too and are currently looking into it.

We've identified the issue and have resolved it. An update has been submitted and should be available soon. Sorry for this issue!

That could take a number of days to populate as Channels update 2.1.24 has not even updated in some of my Firesticks. If we leave auto update again wouldn't we get Channels update 2.1.24 first which is broken ? I would rather sideload the fixed APK.

In cases like these you should provide an APK that we can sideload.

I guess I do not understand why when a release totally cripples the use of the software why an APK is not posted for those that can sideload to do so. Waiting on the FireTV app store to post the update could be sometime next week.

The crash does not affect dvr users

Agreed. I realize the DVR customers take priority, but I did pay for the app and it's completely unusable for an unknown amount of time now.

Update: I was added to the beta and it's working fine. Thanks!

Assuming the review process goes as it normally does it will be released some time within the next 24 hours.

We are doing our best to escalate this with Amazon so the update gets pushed out ASAP. Our DVR beta apk is available for side-loading, but that doesn't help for non-DVR users.

Where is the DVR Beta APK?$version.apk

For example:

We're looking into a workaround for non-DVR users. If you're affected, please email [email protected] and we'll try to invite you to the FireTV beta which should let you download the fixed apk.

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v2.1.25 is available on the Amazon store now for update as well.

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works great now, thank you for the attention to this matter

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Update has already been installed on my sticks automatically via Appstore. Great work folks! Thanks for fixing this so quickly! :slight_smile: :+1:


Good to see a quick fix turnaround.

Meanwhile I have 3 Fire TV sticks all set to auto update apps, and they are all still stuck on 2.1.23. Tried uninstalling/re-installing and still on 2.1.23.
Amazon store still shows 2.1.23 on both the FireTV and web:

My Sony Android TV has correctly updated via the Android App Store to 2.1.25, appreciate that's a different store though.

Is there a problem with the update going out and 2.1.24 and 2.1.25 have not correctly gone out in the UK store? (I am in the UK). I can't get newer than 2.1.23 whatever I try.

Appears Amazon has still not approved the update for the DVR app. I have emailed their support.

Thanks @tmm1, I see Amazon have still not approved as still on 2.1.23. Any update from Amazon? What's taking them so long?

They have rejected our app because we don't use Amazon in-app purchase for DVR subscriptions. We are working with them to resolve the issue.