Channels App problems on Fire Cube

I have a Fire Cube (gen 2). I have the Channels server running on a windows 10 PC connected via ethernet to my router. My tuner is a HD Homerun Flex 4K. When changing channels in Channels app for Fire TV, I often get buffering and the channel will not tune. I have to go back out to the guide, switch to a different channel, then switch back to the channel I want and sometimes it will then load. Other times I can get the channel to load, but there is video and no sound. The HD Homerun app running on the same Cube works fine. The other odd thing is, my Firestick 4K and Chromecast with Google TV have no problem with the Channels app. This problem only occurs on the Cube. Has anyone seen this problem before?

Change Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Decoder

I changed the video decoder setting to Software. It helps with the channel changes but the downside is there is a noticeable degradation in video quality.

I have the same problem on my FireTV Cube also when tuning mpeg2 ... Do not have that Problem with the FireTV 4k MAX ... So I mainly use the Firetv 4K MAX ... I do not understand this because the FireCube is more powerful.

Also have no problem with the HDHR app just channels dvr on my firecube.

If I tune a Channel using hardware, I get a spinning circle ... if I hit FF once on my remote it plays.

I submitted diagnostics.

FireOS is awful and I don't have the energy to track down every Amazon bug anymore. WYSIWG, either use some other software that works on that hardware, or find some better hardware to use with Channels.

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A bit touchy I was just trying to assist the OP by sharing my experiences and supply documentation. I have no problem using the FireTV 4K max.

PS I am sure there are far more FireTV users than Apple TV's out there.... but I do agree the Cube is not a great media player.... better to get a Firestick 4K Max.

Enjoy your weekend and holiday :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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