Channels black screen for Live TV / Recordings on version 3.0.1

I don't use my phone often for Channels, however it's no longer working when trying @home with the latest version on my Samsung S8+. I get audio but a black screen on both live tv and recordings.. I uninstalled and reinstalled but made no difference.

I submitted diagnostics a few minutes ago.

Have you tried changing the video decoder on the client to software? Or does the Android phone client not have this option available?

It works with software decoding. Thanks.

Glad to hear that worked, @RockandRoller70. For @racameron: on my Android 10 phone, the app offers the decoder toggle and on that device I had to select "software", but on my Android 8.1 tablet the Channels app does not show that option though it didn't need it to work. See also this thread:

Others have mentioned this setting as missing on some platforms. I wonder if it is only available for devices with hardware decoding; if the device does not support hardware decoding, it uses software and hides the option since hardware decoding isn't an option?

Not sure if it's the OS version or the hardware, or maybe both. See this reply from the other thread:

Just updated to Android 11. Selection of software decoding still necessary. Works great.