Channels button detector


New to Channels DVR, we just cut cord from dish and so far really liking the experience.
I’ve been trying to set up a TiVo stream 4K. Specifically, I’ve been trying to set up the remote to use some of the custom buttons, but I keep running into the same issue.. the channels button detector option is not listed. Side note, I did install the button mapper app and that shows up in accessibility settings.

Here’s what I tried so far:

  • I’ve followed guides to de-TiVo it
  • signed up to be a beta tester and installed the beta version of channels dvr. (I read somewhere that only the beta version can add the channels button detection function) - it still didn’t show up.
  • factory reset and tried installing channels dvr beta without de-TiVo, but got same result.

Anyone know what I’m missing? I just want to remap the buttons within channels so I can use guide, live, skip buttons.

Due to Play Store rules, the button detector feature of the Android app is only available in the beta version of the app that you must sideload.

As I mentioned above, the beta version distributed through the Play Store has that functionality removed. You must manually sideload the app to get this function.

Download (and please pay for, totally worth it) the Button Mapper app, then you can change the TiVO button to launch Channels, among other quality of life improvements Just a heads up that TiVO has nerfed some funtionality of their remote, so you'll only be able to program single press and double press, not long press. Some buttons cannot be edited at all.

I'm thinking of following your advice, but first can you detail a) which Stream 4K remote buttons cannot be mapped; b) the specific button mappings you like.


IIRC, using Channels' built-in button detector, they all map. The TiVo button goes to the Library, the Guide button goes to the Guide, Live starts playback on the last selected channel (or goes back to the previous channel if already watching live), and Skip goes forward to the next commercial marker. The Channel Up/Down buttons scroll by page in the guide and library views, and switches the channel when watching live, just as you expect.

All of the other buttons work just like the do in Android: Home, Back, and Menu.

Up/Down not working when live viewing as reported here:

Do you have the button mapper app installed, too? If so, have you assigned anything in that other app?

I haven't noticed the issue you are reporting, and I do not have any additional button mapping software installed.

Yes and yes. Good idea--I will uninstall it and re-test.

Uninstalled Button Mapper, reboot, no change. Buttons seem fine with other apps. Is there a way to clear/reset the Channels App button interpretations currently in effect? Since I'm using the sideload beta I'm thinking about uninstalling and reinstall the beta, now that BM is gone, and see if that helps.

Did you de-tivo the device?

Is the channels BM enabled under accessibility settings?

Yes, the channels BM has been enabled, and the device has been de-Tivo'd. If the latter causes a problem, sorry for not mentioning it sooner.

Sorry, I am an old Bell Labs Unix guy. I can handle ADB, sideloading and stuff like that, but I really don't understand the Android architecture, so my intuition on dealing with the keystroke management across and between apps is a little weak.