Channels Carbon Theme

Thanks for the quick reply. I eventually used X-Plorer to achieve this. One quick question. A lot of the channel logos disappear in the TV Guide even in the default purple theme. Have you found a way to replace the default logos that are downloaded? I feel that all white logos would stand out more.

Changing the actual logos, that's probably a lot more work than changing some color values. They have a transparent overlay or whatever applied, I guess so the beloved purple can show through. I could try making the 'cell' or 'box', whatever, that has the logo inside it a lighter color, so the logo will be more prominent. And I suppose the cursor color to match. TBH, I still don't consider this complete in any way, and still have a few minor quirks. I'm not sure if the full TV banner shows on a firestick or is it the ugly purple icon, if you go to manage sources and make a channel a favorite, the heart turns grey, making it unable to see it without moving away. And I still can't find where to change to get the recording selected to be gray. Other than those few minor quirks, it gets me away from the purple.

TL;DR - I'll see what I can do on the next update.

As of know I think the dark gray background for the TV logos should be a lot lighter so the black logos can be seen. Also it's kind of hard to tell what option is selected on certain screens. I think white would work a lot better. I would also suggest future recording should be gold as in the regular theme.

Looking forward to future updates.

I can definitely look into making those changes, and perhaps would like to collaborate with you for the ideas, however this may require starting from scratch again. If you're interested, shoot me PM and we can find a way to better communicate. It's a lot easier to change these colors than you might think.

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Any updates with the new PIP feature? Thanks in advance.


What updates would it need? Android PIP has been functional this whole time.

The new feature is you press the "p" button to exit pip back to full screen. It was implemented about a week ago.

This doesn't work as intended already? I don't modify anything but the colors. I think you just need me to update it to the lastest beta. I'll have something. Yea, I could update it with no color changes, but it has become apparent that the colors need another overhaul. I've recently began using the library, tv shows section, it can be a little hard to navigate with the like colors. Tbh, I had those screens disabled, so I didn't even know to go check those.

Bear with me y'all, an update is a few days out, especially since I want to start over and get a solid color base going, then make the fine adjustments.

I am thinking a white cursor with inverted dark text. The fast lane up top for navigation as it's called will do the same perhaps. I do agree it can be hard to differentiate the text sometimes. I'm thinking all white text everywhere unless you're currently selected on something.

I also plan to zip up the original res, layout, drawable, layout-television folders and post them here. I'm going to try and keep a log, or ledger of changes I'm making, probably in a crude fashion, about change what to what.

I feel like this is bullshit, being stuck with the purple. If it were free, I wouldn't have much right to complain, but it's not, it's $8 / mo, plus the time invested trying to make it usable.

This is the exact reason why people are only using channels to provide a TVE m3u to something else that isn't nasty purple.

I have no problem with the purple really but I do/did like your original carbon a bit better. I leave both installed but now only use the purple, stable release, because of the added pip full screen option.

This would be helpful for us to see what changed and where. I know it is a lot easier in our Android app than Apple, because of how colors work in Android OS. But the color system is also pretty rigid, so while it might be easy to modify the xml files in the apk and generate a new version, it's not as simple to change the colors dynamically at runtime.

Either way, we appreciate the time you've put in to prove out this proof of concept as it helps inform our future development efforts.


I have a folder of all the files in the /res directory that I modified for my Metro Theme version. I use beyond compare on that folder against the decompiled apk and merge in the color changes. For the most part, I just replace those files and recompile the apk. It's a pretty quick process but still a bit of unnecessary pain for such a highly requested feature.

I've more or less, much less doing the same, my process being that I've decompiled, recompiled, changed everything at least once, so much trial and error but have logged none of it, it's just in my head unfortunately. So with this new theme I'll start working on, I plan to start over anf intend to document changing which color values changes what in the app. Eventually something breaks just by changing color values and I have to go look for it on the layout folder to make it call a different color.

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Before I scrap this and start over, here's an update in the OP

Updated to Beta 102.7.6


new theme out:

Channels Pink

OP updated with a preview of the new dark theme



You forgot to place a period before the apk in the dark theme download.

Thanks, fixed.

Any chance you can make the text white? IMG_20210211_204249|666x500

Yes, I'll fix the text in the morning, and tweak the rest of it.