Channels DVR and Sling DVR

Don't forget to add on your Internet Cost... IMO my XFINITY Internet and TV plus 2 Primes is the best cost... You have access to TVE channels and also channels TVE does not support and I only have 1 Premium Channel DRM. Fubo costs a s much as my TV from Comcast. Steaming services are reaching the cost of cable systems while offering less channels.

That's not how many people define cord-cutting, especially when it eliminates access to so many channels that many consider essential.

Don't get me wrong, Pluto and Stirr integration is great, but it doesn't fill all the gaps left behind with an OTA-only setup.

We're gatekeeping the term now? "Not really cord-cutting?" Why not? Simply because of the price? Cord-cutting is about more than just cost. And Fubo offers additional channels, as well as features in their app, like Multiview, with 4 concurrent buffers, which many people agree is worth paying for.

Besides, for lots of families, even with Fubo at $75/month, they're saving lots of money over their previous DirecTV/Dish/cable subscriptions. Whether or not everyone can label this accurately as "cord cutting" seems like a silly distraction.

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Comcast just raised my bill to $211. Have the cable boxes packed up and going back to Xfinity. 200Mbs internet is $73 a month with 1200 Gbs a month cap. Still in the learning stage of cord cutting but Xfinity TV is a definite loser.

Channels works great with my HDHomeRun 4 Tuner Flex. Tried it last night and like it better than Xfinity DVR. $80 a year is a bargain!

My Spectrum bill rose a lot too. I finally cut the cord when switching to Channels DVR and it's saving me about $100/month.

Bummer about the cap. Do you know how much data you've used in previous months? Your HDHomeRun Flex Tuner will help with that then, since a lot of TVE streaming obviously uses a lot of bandwidth. What's the charge if you happen to go over?

Have never exceed 600 Gbs in a month and my wife only watches Prime and Netflix.

OK, it will be interesting to see what that number looks like in the upcoming months now that you've (ahem) "cut the cord."

I have no Cable boxes have 2 cable cards that they do not charge me for ... and receive a $10 Credit for owning the primes. For regular TV watching and on Demand I use XFINITY Stream on my FireTV's

I can get Unlimited for $15 a month. Comcast's overage charges are $10 for each additional block of 50GB, up to a maximum of $100 each month

Yea for local ISPs that I have in my area, US Internet Fiber. 1gig up & down for $70 a month no cap. They do offer 10gig service to.

And Comcast, I literally cut the coax cord off my patio where it was run into the wall and removed it.

Okay, Xfinity is now gone and equipment returned. I am in need of some education about Channels TVE. The TVE availabilty shows Hallmark channels and Foxnews channels available on FUBO. I am however in the dark exactly what that means. Can those channels be incorporated in the Channels guide. If not, how does TVE work?

This is new for me and I plead ignorance but want to learn.
Thanks for any help and I am sure this will be an evolving process.


anything else you would like us to google for you? :wink:

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Right now I am saving about $60 a month over Xfinity, who are a pain in the ass to deal with. It was not really about the cost but moreso just getting rid of Xfinity TV. I don't need all the channels that FUBO offers but it was an immediate solution until I have time to get a lesser priced service. Almost all of the FUBO channels were imported into Channels and are in the guide. The only one that did not, that is a must have is the Game Show Channel (For my wife). The only others channels I want in a plan are the Hallmark channels and Newsmax (which streams free to anyone with their app or on their website except it can't be recorded that way. I am sure I will find something that will work even if it does not support TV Everywhere. Cord cutting is evolving and the cable companies are hurting!

Thank you for all the help and now I am up and running

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There are some free game show networks on Pluto and/or Stirr she may like...