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I currently have an HDHomerun Flex Quattro with Channels running on a Windows 10 computer. The Channels menu has all of my favorite local channels and records and plays perfectly through my network. I contacted customer support about getting additional live TV channels such as Sling on my Channels guide and was told that Channels will automatically decide what channels will be added to the guide if I have Sling installed.

I have been reading various posts and am getting conflicting information. I only want to add about four or five channels to my guide. The strange thing is if I subscribe to Sling with Live TV I can get everything in the Sling guide including the locals on up to three TVs with a 1 TB DVR storage included. That would mean no computer server constantly running. I would not need the HDHomerun Flex device tuner as the Sling AirTV tuner would take its place.

Looking for advice as a NOOB cord cutter. My Comcrap TV contract is up on May 23 and I can down grade to internet only.

This reference list will inform you what channels each provider (Sling in this case) offers via TVE compatibility with Channels DVR:

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It sounds like you’re a little confused about Channels and its TV Everywhere support. You may want to check out the article about this feature, and then come back if there are additional questions:

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I seriously doubt Sling has any clue what Channels DVR is. Channels gets it's Sling stream from the Individual network websites you would have access to using your Sling credentials. Since Sling has very poor Individual channel website aka TVE, you won't have a complete experience with Channels DVR. You can use an Air tv, but you will only be able to record local channels on your own hard drive no cable channels that you can with Channels DVR

Thank You for the info. I admit to being a little ignorant concerning cord cutting. Am I correct in assuming that recording channels to DVR such as Hallmark is impossible other than the on the major cable companies that I am trying to dump. I ask only because, the Sling channel availability shows Hallmark unavailable on Sling yet Hallmarks says it's channels are available on Sling with an added package. I wonder if the available channels listed as available for Sling are only the basic selection without Sling add on packages? After reading, I understand the the limitations of TVE and would like some input as to whether what I am trying to do.

Please bear with me as this is a learning experience and the cord cutting is still a developing process.

If you go to the Hallmark website and it doesn't list Sling as a provider to login with, it wont work with Channels DVR TVE. You may get it on the Sling app, but not with Channels DVR TVE.

Here are the Hallmark websites you can check for yourself. See if you can find Sling as a provider for TVE authentication.

6090 - Hallmark Channel HD

6091 - Hallmark Movies & Mysteries HD

6092 - Hallmark Drama

Thank You for answering my question. I had been on that webpage before and now I see what you mean. This is a real learning curve for me. I guess we could watch on the Sling App but like to DVR for time shifting and watch later. The only two other channels we want is the Game channel and Newsmax. Newsmax is available to anyone for free but still cannot DVR it which is the whole idea in cord cutting. Xfinity is raping me IMHO for what I get. I get 200 useless channels and 200 Mbs internet down for about $175. My son pays $70 for 200 Mbs internet and no TV. So I am paying $100 for 4 channels that we watch. A Sling package with all the channels we want is $53 a month but no locals. I can actually get Locast through VPN. Just trying to get rid of Xfinity TV.
It is more the principal than the money. I even tried to downgrade and my price was going to go up because of the way they bundle!
Thank You everyone for the input and any other suggestions welcome.
Sling customer service is as expected, useless. They offer 50 hours of cloud DVR (or 200 hours for $5 a month) and I still can't get an answer if their DVR will record all of the show in their subscribed lineup.

Just been looking at Philo which seem like a better option than Sling. Does Philo work at all with Channels?


Not every single provider is listed here, but it's links to discussions for the major providers

Yes, and Philo has pretty good TVE support. Lots of Channels users swear by it.


Also check out Fubo.TV, they are a similar provider with good TVE support as well. The Hallmark channels work with it on Channels DVR. And the Fubo app itself has an excellent feature called Multiview.

Thanks for the excellent information. I will give FUBO a trial. I have signed up for Philo and the HD does not seen up to par so far. FUBO is a little expensive, but still better than Xfinity. Man, I have a lot to learn about cord cutting. Trying to decide by May 23 when my Xfinity contract is up.
Thanks Again

All but a few channels on Philo are TVE-compatible and work great with Channels. Plus.. $20 per month for Philo is pretty hard to beat.

As long as you can get by without cable news Philo is a good deal for Channels DVR and TVE. Not all cable news just Fox news, MSNBC and CNN.

Just signed up for FUBO. It has everything I want and more including locals and DVR. It is $75 a month. Picture quality is much better than Philo. It works on three screens or unlimited screen for a few dollars more. It seems so good, I don't see why I would even need Channels. FUBO has a 7 day guide instead 14. I know this is a Channels Forum, but am I missing something? Much better deal than I am getting from Xfinity.

There are lots of reasons why many of us love Channels. Some love to have local copies of their recordings that they can do whatever they want with. Others like to have a local DVR to use with an antenna that will work even with a flaky internet connection. Bottom line, if it works for you and meets all your needs, that’s great! You can always add Channels into the mix later if you find a reason to.

Automatically skipping commercials is worth the $8 a month for me

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After thinking about it I completely agree as $80 a year is quite reasonable. Since I have already have the HDHomeRun Flex Tuner, I will use Channels for my locals as they are in fact better quality than those on FUBO. I gave up the idea of having a separate computer for Channels and have installed it on one of my Mvne SSD drives in my office computer. Had to get a Fire Stick to get the Channels app as my Samsung TV does not offer it in their own App store. No Google Play Store on my TV. Also got the FUBO app on the Firestick. Everything working great. Time to return my Xfinity equipment.

Thank you for all the help!

Paying $75/month for Fubo is not really cord-cutting. Cord cutting is OTA HDHomeRun(s) with the possibility to add free streaming such as Pluto and Stirr. This makes the $80/year Channels-DVR subscription the ONLY fee other than internet.

That said, Channels-DVR is not only for cord-cutters. Many users use Channels just for the guide and DVR while still paying a cable subscription. Or spend monthly for cable-equivalent over internet service and then just use the lower-quality TVE accessible through their paid subscription to feed Channels.

IMO, the best use of Channels is for OTA + Pluto docker. But many other users prefer the paid-subscriptions for TVE.

Thank You djcastaldo.
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