What is TV Everywhere?

We are happy to announce a new feature in public beta: TV Everywhere support!

What is TV Everywhere

TV Everywhere (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/TV_Everywhere) is a technology that allows you to use your cable login to access cable content via apps and mobile devices. TV Everywhere support varies by cable provider, but most traditional cable companies offer wide ranging support for TVE. Newer OTT providers may or may not support TVE logins depending on the channel.

How does it work?

The various cable channels offer TV Everywhere login on their websites to let you watch cable streams in your browser. For example, you can watch TBS, Comedy Central, FX, or C-SPAN on your computer as long as you have a compatible cable provider login.

Channels DVR Server integrates with Google Chrome to automatically logon to these websites and import the cable streams into the Channels ecosystem. You can watch and schedule recordings with these live streams directly with Channels.

Since Channels DVR Sever runs in your home on your own PC/NAS, your cable credentials are stored securely in your home and never transmitted to any Fancy Bits or third-party servers.


You will need:

  1. A major U.S. cable or OTT provider like AT&T TV Now, Cox, Direct TV, Direct TV Now, Dish Network, Frontier, FuboTV, HTC Digital, Hulu Live TV, Optimum, PSVue, Philo, Sling TV, Spectrum, Verizon Fios, Xfinity, YouTube TV, etc.
  2. Channels Plus subscription
  3. Channels DVR Server running on one of the following:
    a. Mac with Google Chrome installed (into /Applications)
    b. Windows PC with Google Chrome installed
    c. Linux PC or NAS using a 64-bit Intel CPU
    d. Docker container using fancybits/channels-dvr:tve
    e. NVidia SHIELD

Other DVR platforms (like ARM-based NAS) do not currently support this new feature.

How do I set this up with Channels DVR Server?

  1. Update to the latest release of Channels DVR Server: click the Check For Updates button.

  2. Click the gear icon in the DVR sources listing, and select Add Source

  1. Click TV Everywhere and select your cable or OTT provider.

  1. Log in with your provider credentials.

How does this compare to HDHomeRun PRIME?


    • Pro: Access to local networks (NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, PBS)
    • Pro: Streams do not count against your internet bandwidth usage.
    • Pro: Cable TV keeps working even if internet goes out.
    • Pro: Dolby surround audio.
    • Pro: Secondary audio available with audio descriptions.
    • Con: Limited to three streams per cable card
    • Con: CableCARD can require monthly fee.
    • Con: Some channels cannot be watched or recorded by Channels via HDHomeRun Prime.
  • TV Everywhere

    • Pro: H264 streams are high quality but don't use a lot of disk space.
    • Pro: No stream limits.
    • Pro: Can watch and record cable streams that might be unavilable through HDHomeRunPrime.
    • Pro: No CableCARD rental fees.
    • Con: Stereo audio.
    • Con: No access to local networks stations.
    • Con: Not all cable channels are available.
    • Con: Streaming bandwidth counts against monthly data caps.

What should I do if my login doesn't work or some channels are missing?

Use the feedback form provided on our website to let us know any issues you're having. Issues with your TV Everywhere source may be:

  1. Errors while signing in and setting up your TV Everywhere source
  2. Errors while scanning for channels
  3. Missing channels
  4. Errors while watching channels
  5. Errors while recording

Share your experience with the beta!

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