Channels DVR for Synology DSM 7.0 (beta)

Just wondering if there is any development on getting the DVR to install on Synology DSM 7.0, which is currently beta? The current Synology DVR install package for only works for DSM 6.2.

I know the devs said they will be looking at that this year.
In the mean time...

I've got a PiHole group that looks like this:

I haven't received any DSM update notifications since apply that to the IPs used by my synology. The third block there is most extreme and will block images from package center. Thats why I decided to turn that one off.

However, if you want DSM 7, you could always just upgrade and run Channels in docker.

I imagine the DSM strategy will be the same as for Apple: beta OS releases are unsupported. After the release is final and stable, then Channels will consider and move towards supporting the new release. But chasing beta releases to support is difficult for a small team.

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How soon after DSM 7 is released do you think Channels will support it? @tmm1?

DSM 7.0 has moved to Release Candidate stage. Hopefully we'll see some movement soon on Channels. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, if you want to run DSM 7.0 you can run Channels DVR in a Docker container on a Synology using its Docker package.

And once you install the Docker package on your Synology and learn what Docker is and how to use it, you can pull/download the Channels DVR Docker image and run it in a Docker container on your Synology NAS.

Can we get some responses from developers? DSM 7 is about to officially launch and from what I have read it is a great improvement for everything else I use my NAS for on a day to day basis.

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A DSM7 compatible spk is available on

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When upgrading DSM 6 to 7, is reinstallation of Channels required or will it carry over? I'm assuming I need to be on the experimental version prior to upgrading DSM?

See this post

Upgrade went without a hitch. Thanks :slight_smile: