Warning - Synology DSM7

Thanks Dan. Yes, hopefully they will do something about the SPK issue, at least have some sort of backward compatibility. I'll wait until DSM7 comes out of preview soon if rolling back to DSM 6.2 is a pain. I haven't read about much progress since the preview was released.

A DSM7 compatible spk is available on https://getchannels.com/dvr-server/#synology


Step-by-step HowTo for transitioning from DSM 6.x to DSM 7?


  1. Back up current data
  2. Uninstall Channels DVR Server
  3. Upgrade DSM 6.x to DSM 7
  4. Install DSM 7-compatible Channels DVR Server
  5. Import saved Channels data

Something like that?

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That will work. Although posts from other users indicate that the existing package will work after the update to DSM7, so the removal before updating isn't strictly necessary

  1. Back up current data
    Backup your Channels database

  2. Uninstall Channels DVR Server

  3. Upgrade DSM 6.x to DSM 7

  4. Install DSM 7-compatible Channels DVR Server
    Yes, it will install in a different directory

  5. Import saved Channels data
    Yes, just do a restore from the database backup you made

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Correct. If you simply upgrade DSM, Channels DVR will continue to work and nothing is strictly required.

To migrate, you would roughly follow https://getchannels.com/docs/articles/how-to/migrate-dvr-to-new-computer/

  1. save backup
  2. shut down dvr
  3. uninstall dvr package
  4. upgrade dsm 7
  5. install new package
  6. grant r/w permissions to old share for new "system internal user" named channels
  7. visit x:8089/restore to restore the old backup from the old share

Note that the new package will automatically create a share called ChannelsDVR and is configured to use that by default on a fresh install.


Dumb question, but if this is true then why uninstall/reinstall?

  1. To ensure compatibility with DSM7, going forward, and future updates/upgrades
  2. To stop running Channels as user/group root/root, which is a Bad Thing
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I went through this process tonight and everything went really smooth. Just one thing I would add. Also be sure to add the “channels” user with read/write permissions on any of your import directories as well. I didn’t do that initially and Channels couldn’t read the files when I tried to play any. Easy fix.

Also, one question. I assume if we didn’t end up using the “ChannelsDVR” share that the installer created, it’s safe to delete it?

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Yes safe to delete that share if you're not using it.

So, instead of doing a backup & restore, you can instead simply point the new install to /volume1/channels-dvr if you want (after recursively fixing user and group ownerships)?

You have to restore in order for your old content and settings to show up. Otherwise the new install is empty.

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When you do the restore it remembers the path you were using. You could change it at that point if you wanted to, but I didn’t see the need. So at the end of the day everything is identical for me. Same paths, etc. Channels is just running with a different user and I had to manually grant that user permission to my already existing share and import directories.


So I installed the new package on DSM7, gave the new internal channels user permissions on my old ChannelsDVR folder, restored my database, and pointed ChannelsDVR at my old share. I then tried to delete the new ChannelsDVR share that was created when installing the new package, but I received an error message that it couldn't be deleted while ChannelsDVR is running. So I stopped it, deleted it, and then tried to run the package again but it wasn't able to start so I had to reinstall the package and start over. Am I missing a step, or is ChannelsDVR relying on that new share in some way?

The share is created whenever the package is installed. We simply ask the OS to do it in the package requirements. So perhaps DSM7 has some internal state where it thinks we absolutely need it and is not letting you remove it?

Just tried again, and DSM7 is definitely preventing me from deleting the share while the ChannelsDVR package is running. If I stop the package and delete it, then the package won't run. Not a big deal, but just an FYI. Otherwise, Channels is running great on DSM7! Thanks!

I must confess that I completely forgot to try and delete the folder Channels creates automatically. I’ll give it a try and see if I can confirm the findings.

Help! I have installed DSM7 and am trying to restore Channels, but I do not see a user named channels. Are you suggesting to create one, or should it already be there? And if we must create one, how/where?

I figured it out. For those who might have trouble, here are instructions:

  1. Go to Control Panel > Shared Folder
  2. Select the folder where your previous Channels installation stored video
  3. Click Edit
  4. Click Permissions
  5. From the drop-down, select System internal user
  6. Locate "channels" in the list, and check the Read/Write checkbox.
  7. Click Save

Has anyone had any luck deleting the ChannelsDVR share? @ahintz? @Macnbaish?