Warning - Synology DSM7

Just an FYI - If you are running Channels DVR on a Synology NAS directly, avoid upgrading to the DSM7 preview. I wasn't paying attention and didn't realize they block all 3rd party packages. Running in docker works but you'll lose hardware acceleration. Downgrading back to 6.2 was a major PIA.

Also, a note to the Channels devs, you might be aware but synology is changing their 3rd party SPK format and permission structure with DSM 7. Hopefully we can maintain a native spk when DSM7 comes out of preview. I got a warning when trying to install it about the privileges issue (I'm assuming you use root) but it could have also just been the default message for all 3rd party packages.

Best info I could find here. They seem to be limited in their dev documentation so far:


Thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to stay far away from DSM 7 until the Channels Devs give the all clear.

Thanks for the warning! I totally would have upgraded as soon as I saw it was available!

Yes thanks! Will definitely wait to upgrade until it’s compatible with Channels!

Any news on when DSM 7 is going Beta?

Hopefully the Channels devs can get it to run without root, understand the install maybe needing it unless Synology has a work-around, but running the service as non-root should be possible, like Plex user does, even video access for hardware transcoding.

Even when DSM7 comes out I'm going to sit for a minute before I move to it. Let others work out the bugs :slight_smile:

There speaketh a chap that has never been royally burnt by Synology before... :slight_smile:

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