Warning - Synology DSM7

Just an FYI - If you are running Channels DVR on a Synology NAS directly, avoid upgrading to the DSM7 preview. I wasn't paying attention and didn't realize they block all 3rd party packages. Running in docker works but you'll lose hardware acceleration. Downgrading back to 6.2 was a major PIA.

Also, a note to the Channels devs, you might be aware but synology is changing their 3rd party SPK format and permission structure with DSM 7. Hopefully we can maintain a native spk when DSM7 comes out of preview. I got a warning when trying to install it about the privileges issue (I'm assuming you use root) but it could have also just been the default message for all 3rd party packages.

Best info I could find here. They seem to be limited in their dev documentation so far:


Thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to stay far away from DSM 7 until the Channels Devs give the all clear.

Thanks for the warning! I totally would have upgraded as soon as I saw it was available!

Yes thanks! Will definitely wait to upgrade until it’s compatible with Channels!

Any news on when DSM 7 is going Beta?

Hopefully the Channels devs can get it to run without root, understand the install maybe needing it unless Synology has a work-around, but running the service as non-root should be possible, like Plex user does, even video access for hardware transcoding.

Even when DSM7 comes out I'm going to sit for a minute before I move to it. Let others work out the bugs :slight_smile:

There speaketh a chap that has never been royally burnt by Synology before... :slight_smile:

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Who is testing the beta?

1 - 2 - 3 - Not it!

We don't support DSM7 beta yet. We will need to redo our SPK package to support it. Maybe next month sometime.


Hello! Now that it’s almost the end of “next month sometime,” I was wondering if there were any progress updates available regarding DSM 7 support. Thank you! Love the Channels app!

No update yet. My plate is pretty full at the moment so probably not until Feb or March.

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Any update? - heading into March.

Isn't it still Beta?

Brave individual running anything Beta from Synology.... :wink:

Yes, still Beta. However, the Channels Developer stated he was looking to redo the SPK package in Feb or March.

I hate updating DSM. I have so many things I run from shell scripts, including regular certificate updates that include domain names not managed through DSM. And I run an nginx reverse proxy on my NAS. About half the time I upgrade DSM it breaks things. And usually takes a couple hours to get everything working right again... sometimes even longer. So I never update right away. I was already thinking about completely avoiding DSM7... The fact that it breaks Channels-DVR only confirms that the OS should remain on current version.


Today was interesting and disappointing. I have been running DSM 7 for a month or so. I already had Channels DVR installed before I installed DSM 7. It continued to work well. Today I was having trouble tuning to channels on my HDHomeRuns. I decided to uninstall and reinstall. I have now realized that was a mistake. I guess I will cancel for a while. I don't want to roll back and I have a TIVO that is still up and running. I don't have another server option at the moment so I will be excited to see the development of compatible software.

Have you considered running Channels DVR in a Docker container on DSM 7 until the devs get it to work natively.
Looks like Synology has an updated Docker for DSM 7 Beta.
And before you ask, I'm still on DSM 6.

I have considered Docker for Channels DVR. I have used a few Docker containers, but it has been a little hit or miss. The Docker VPN I recently tried may have caused problems. In fact, I am concerned that it somehow interfered with my network settings and caused the issue with me not being able to connect to my tv tuners. I gave it elevated permissions, which was dumb. I didn't know there was an updated beta for DSM. I am running DSM 7.0 41222. Do you have a link to a more recent version?

I'm not using DSM 7. What I meant was they updated the Docker package for DSM 7 Beta compatibility.

If you look at the Software Compatability section of their
release notes
it has a link to download updated packages
DiskStation Manager 7.0 Beta Download Center
one of them is the Docker package v18.09.0-1110 compatible with DSM 7.0 Beta.

You could probably map the same volume mount you were using for your recordings to the docker container and continue where you left off.