Channels DVR iPad Storage and Watching Offline

I am considering a Channels DVR subscription but have been unable to find out if it will record to iPad Storage, and if you can play back recorded programs when offline and not connected to WiFi?


United Kingdom

it wont record to your ipad, it needs a computer or NAS in your home for recording.
@Maddox did spill the beans that downloading for offline viewing is on the roadmap, but no ETA.

In the meantime, you could download DVR recordings to your iPad (and watch them) using Infuse. Assuming you had enough storage available…

I’ve used the Infuse option and it isn’t too difficult. In my case I ftp’d files off my dvr server to a NAS share I have configured in Infuse. I can then view and download to any device that has Infuse installed. Currently I keep my channels dvr isolated from my media shares.

If your dvr server and network configuration allows you could have your recording directories shared to Infuse and eliminate some steps. You would have to weed through all recordings but it would work.

Downloads and offline watching have gone into beta. You can read more about it here: