Channels DVR is now available in the UK


As of today, Channels DVR is now available to everyone in the UK. Just go to the download page and follow the download instructions to get started.

There’s no much else to add to that. It’s Channels DVR, for your Freeview channels. We’ve been beta testing UK support for the last month or so with more than 15 people. It’s gone well, so we’re opening it up to everyone.

Thanks for being patient as we worked out our UK plans! We don’t have any information on other countries at this time, but hopefully will sometime later.

International DVR

I have to say the guys have worked really hard to get guide data issues sorted, as well as some quirks to web streaming UK channels. Great job and glad to see it’s open to everyone in the UK now!


I have to agree that lots of work has gone into this and now works better than expected with Freeview, well done to the team who have made in my opinion the best ATV based DVR out there.


looks great and having fun using this. I will give some feedback in a few days once I have given it a good go


This is is so good and working really well! Finally can say good bye to stop-gaps like Plex and DVBLogic.

Well done and thank you for finally bringing to the UK! I am one happy customer!


Perfect! Will be giving this a go.

Now all that SD need to do is release a DVB-S tuner!


Been using this for a while now and love it


Great news, been using it for awhile now and it seems to be very reliable. Easily the best solution on the Apple TV!


Just to add - I’m new to Channels, HDHomeRun and DVR solutions but I managed to get everything set up perfectly with Freeview and my WD MyCloud Mirror (1st gen) as a DVR. Viewing in Channels on Apple TV - I have 4 Apple TVs and it’s all working perfectly!