Channels DVR questions

Thinking about diving into channels dvr on fire stick. How does the fire remote work with channels app as far as navigating and recording and such?

Channels DVR is FireTV Remote friendly works great. There is a trial period so give it a go... it is a great piece of software.

All my secondary TVs are Fire Stick 4k and 4k Max and they work beautifully with ChannelsDVR. As @Edwin_Perez mentioned, there is a free month trial and that is plenty of time to try it out.

I have 3 FS 4k and one FS Lite. I would not recommend the FS Lite.

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IMO, it works BETTER on either my Firestick 4k, or Firestick 4k MAX, than it does on my new Apple Tv 4k 2nd generation streamer.

Don't think I have heard anyone say that before. I have 4 of the Firestick 4k MAX devices and think they work just fine, but I have never used the Apple device. I really like the FireTV remote, it feels good in my hand, rugged enough for teenagers, I can connect two of them to one Firestick so my wife and I can each have a remote for bedside.

I also tried an AppleTV but hated the touchpad remote very erratic. Sent it back and never went back to it. A good remote makes a big difference in viewing.

In my use, the touchpad is the greatest perk of the remote. The ability to pause, and then swipe left or right to quickly scrub the "player head" is such a nice touch.

The advantage the Fire remotes have over the Apple one is the 3 extra buttons: dedicated Menu, RWD, and FF.

There are great Prime time deals on FireStick 4K and Max right now.

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I would give the AppleTV another run ... but my sound system etc ... is Echo Studios .. so the AppleTV cannot use them.... not an option.

You can also turn off the touch support and just use it as a direction pad.


Channels will work well yet many apps will not work or are not available on Fire TV. I'm much happier since changing to the Chrome Cast with Google TV

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I have two ShieldTV and 3 FireTV sticks. The Shield is more responsive, but the functionality is the same.