Channels DVR to read locally stored NFO / xml & metadata for movies & tv shows

Nice to see recently the addition of locally adding content (movies & tv shows) to Channels DVR. Especially nice to have local trailer & subtitle support! Great work.

Any plans for Channels DVR to have the ability to read NFO / xml & local metadata files for locally added movies & TV shows?

I have a lot of artwork, clearart, IMDB ratings... etc stored within my local movie file directories. Channels DVR having the ability to read an NFO / xml file and use the locally stored metadata would be awesome! Just wondering whether this maybe something for the future?

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The developers have expressed an interest in supporting NFO files, and perhaps other sidecar filetypes for imported content. Presently, sidecar files are only supported for trailers and SubRip subtitles.

The Local Content feature is a new feature, and slowly improving. Remember that Channels is developed by a small team, and generally what a user thinks is a trivial feature to add is nothing of the sort. I recommend patience, as the program is always improving.

Thank you for your reply.

That is great to hear there maybe a potential to add these features & im more than happy to wait.

You are 100% correct with improvements... for me since switching from Kodi / Plex, Channels DVR has been rock solid & is really reliable. I love it! Its also really nice that the developers listen to suggestions of the people using their software and improve on it / implement features people actually want.


Yep. It’ll come. It’s just a matter of time.

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Please email 4-5 nfo file examples from your library to [email protected]

Email sent.

I've sent you 4 or 5 NFO files, plus a zipped folder containing all data / artwork files I have for 1 movie, essentially showing you an example of what sort of metadata files are in my movie sub directories - These were originally created to grab metadata when I used to use Kodi (a long time ago).

i sent one too