Channels dvr

Can I not record with channels for hdhomerun on my fire stick, I tried the channels dvr app but it does not see the hdhomerun box. How do I set this up?

You need a server. Check out the installation instructions

Well that bites, just bought the hdhomerun and thought that would get me going. What would be the cheapest way to setup a server?

by reading the manual that slampman posted that you didn't read.

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Back in my day, we read the ding-dang manual. Hmpf.

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An old PC maybe? Or with new hardware, a Raspberry Pi might be cheapest and a Synology DS220+ may be simplest, among many options. Depends on your patience with tech. Installation instructions for all are at the link provided above.

So what more does channel offer than recast or hdhomerun?

Not that much. It might not be worth it. Channels????? Its just the little program. Doesnt do a whole lot.

-Combine multiple sources into 1 TV Guide (OTA, Cable, TVE, m3u, Playon Cloud)
-Virtual Channels (Create tv stations that play your own local content, coolest ******* feature ever)
-EPG (Gracenotes)
-Automatic Channel Collections (Helps manage your 1000+ channels)
-Local Media Integration (Similar-ish to plex)
-Semi-Integrate with Netflix+clones (strmlinks)
-Super active devs who work 7 days a week and respond to users
-Better user experience
-Commercial skipping
-Download your content to other devices for travel
-Remote streaming of your content (over internet when not home)
-Did I mention the damn good user experience
-Plus all the usual stuff you would expect of a DVR

Primarily channels is all about control over your media.

Most of all. Channels DVR (Client) Is wife approved. She was able to figure it out without me needing to "teach" her. Do you realize how AWESOME this is. Wife approval on new software is hard to do.


Yummy grape coolaid eh?

If you are only using Firesticks for streaming, then the Recast Tuner/DVR may be a good choice. I have not used the Recast, so I can not say anything about its features except no ATSC 3.0 capability. No extra hardware would be required and no monthly service fee. Although I believe Channels provides the best OTA experience you can find, and that is worth a lot to me.
Also if you have a new HDhomerun device like mine, then you can attach a portable USB harddrive and use the HDhomerun app to record shows. I believe the service cost is $36/year. I tried it and it did work, but I think it has an awful user interface. I don't think my family would ever be able to use it. But who knows you might like it.

So I do have a mini form windows pc that I can use for this, do I take the external drive off the HD box and plug into pc. The pc saves the content right? will the HD box operate without a drive? Thanks

Channels DVR is sexy and, unlike HDHR DVR, has a great WAF.

do I take the external drive off the HD box and plug into pc

The pc saves the content right?

will the HD box operate without a drive?

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For me, since the day I discovered the awesomeness that is ChannelsDVR I have simply run it on my everyday PC without problem along aside my other programs. But I also leave that PC running 24/7. And I mostly just use the PC for some light word-processing, web browsing and running a Plex server. Its an older Intel Core i5 @ 2.70GHz. So for me at the time the cheapest way was $0.

I have been so impressed by Channels that I actually have purchased a Synology DS220+ (setting it up later this week) and will have the NAS take care of all my ChannelsDVR and Plex related stuff. That of course is probably way pricier than what you are looking for.

As far as the HDHomerun experience is concerned, in my opinion the HDHomerun Live TV, Guide and DVR are aweful. Channels really is a saving grace for the HDHomerun products.