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I’d like to ask you to reconsider charging users separately for the app to be on different devices. The ATV app is expensive enough as it is, plus you need to buy hardware for it to function. On top of this already high cost of entry, you’re now asking existing users to shell out another $15 just so they can extend their use to a second device? That seems excessive. You should have designed this as a universal app, covering all devices

I agree - it’s already in the top grossing apps on Apple TV, do you really need to charge again for the iOS version? Universal apps are pretty much the standard.

Hello, I purchased and have been using channels iOS on iPhone 6 & 6 plus and ATV 4. I have a couple of iPAD 2’s running iOS version 9.3x, and I am wondering why channels iOS is not compatible? Is it truly that it can’t run or more about what to support?

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The app is designed for 64-bit processors so it doesn’t run on older hardware.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I had not noticed that difference but it makes since now.

It is getting harder and harder for me to find a use for my iPads. One sits idle as a “back up” to the one my grandson uses for watching Disney Jr.

Thanks again.

Yeah we totally get it. And something like Channels should be a perfect use for them to ride into the sunset…as extra TVs. It just takes a ton of CPU to play these live TV video streams, so they’re just not powerful enough :frowning:

It pains us too :frowning:

I second Noel’s comments… the Apple TV app is very expensive, but I was happy to pay for such a good app… However… I was surprised when I loaded it up on my iPad to see that I was going to be charged another £15 for it on there also… Seems a bit harsh…

Are there plans to adapt the iPad version for MacOS? Channels on the Mac would finally let me ditch Windows Media Center.

Hi I’m trying get it on my iPhone

I really like and recommend Channels DVR. But there are a couple of things I’d like to see improved in the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV IOS Apps

Add the ability to select the date and hour in the guide (as opposed to endless scrolling)
Mac with Safari already does this.

Add the ability to search for shows by name and to a lessor extent, setup series passes.
Mac with Safari already does this, Apple TV, too.
Love the upcoming movies page in the browser version!

Search is available on the DVR tab

So it is. Thank you!