Channels good to go with Hdhomerun new service?


Thanks, that worked love this new feature.


Amazing!. These two devs have worked tirelessly for the past week to integrate the new HDHR Premium TV service into Channels/Channels DVR. Surely would have been easier for them if SD had given a bit of forewarning, but that’s SD’s MO…

Multiple kudos to both of you for reacting so quickly and appropriately to make a near seamless transition for your users. Other DVR solutions are still struggling and who knows when they will have this new offering incorporated properly?


I don’t expect HDHR Premium to ever offer local channels. The main reason you buy a HDHR is to get OTA channels. In the same way SD doesn’t offer HDHR Premium to HDHR Prime users, I don’t imagine they will ever pursue providing local channels over the internet. It’s not worth the effort and money due to local fees that will just drive up the price.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around this whole HDHR Premium thing. I’m anxious to find out how reliable a solution it will be. It gives me an uneasy feeling knowing that any hiccup in internet or network connection will result in a faulty recording that won’t even be noticed until you go to sit down to watch it. I know the Channels developers will implement this flawlessly, so I’m not worried about that at all. However, it’s the idea of treating a internet stream as a cable channel that doesn’t sit write with me. I hope I’m wrong though. That is the huge advantage about these streaming services with cloud DVRs. You never have to worry about the actual recording process.


Good points. I use a lot of streaming services and they have been getting better and more reliable as time goes by. I hardy ever have an issue. LIVE TV can be different if the infrastructure is not solid. Will have to see how SD handles it. I agree with LOCAL Channels but I think I would need a roof top antenna to pick up a strong enough signal. For me I would probably have to have a local tv package from FIOS which they offer but the cost + the premium tv cost is pretty high compared to other options. Which is my main problem with the $35 price of premium tv. Just seems high when compared to other options. Maybe they will quickly add more channels to the lineup.


This works for the most part except for things like SYFY and DSC that have PACIFIC feeds for us on the EAST coast. How are we suppose to compensate for that?


Oh, I just noticed the BETA option. Downloading now and will retest.


I currently own two HDHomeRun units, one in each of two separate locations using Channels. Does anyone know if the Premium TV service will allow streaming to both locations? Is the service tied to just one HDHR unit, or can I register multiple unit to my SD account?


I have a Quatro and a Connect, and it allows me to stream from both up to 4 maximum streams at a time.


Its only one location. I would put both Hdhomerun’s in one location and use Channels to stream the other remotely