Channels good to go with Hdhomerun new service?


Yeah, the difference being that most other services are actually operating at a loss right now, with what they are charging their customers vs. what they are actually paying for access to the channels, and I don’t think SiliconDust can afford to operate like that. In my personal opinion, the flexibility of being able to offer unlimited locally stored recordings makes up for that, I just wish the bitrate were higher, and the channels 60fps.


For example, I cannot use the API to change to a streamed channel number.


It works for me, so could you be more specific? What does the API return? I tried this and it worked:

curl -XPOST

Channels DVR Beta for HDHomeRun Premium TV

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Channels DVR Beta for HDHomeRun Premium TV

OPINION: This product just went from great to Perfect. I can cancel DirecTV, Disney… Channels + HDHomeRun Extends + HDHomeRun Premium TV = Perfection…


Yes. You can set favorites directly on the HDHomeRun and the app will slurp them in, but you’ll need to delete the app and reinstall it. It only does it on the first run.

Our favorite channels situation is a mess, and we’re working on what’s best for syncing.

Feel free to open a new thread to discuss it. Hearing from everyone about their wants, needs, and expectations of Favorites in Channels would be a huge help.


Are you taking suggestions?


Just requested use cases. But yeah. Please start on another thread. Or actually, I’ll start one tonight that everyone can chime in on.


Hey everyone, I just split off this thread into a new one about the Channels DVR beta that includes support for HDHomeRun Premium TV channels. Let’s track issues over on this one from now on. Thanks!!


Channels has now added a filter to prohibit recording from demo Channels. Your reported problem should be solved as of today. :grinning:

“Channels DVR now ignores Demo channels when picking a channel to record”


My daughter showed my here channel list and all of the streaming channels have AVC. They are also the DEMO. I heard these channels were MPEG-2 but if AVC would that be MPEG-4? Anybody subscribe and are the AVC Streams?


All premium is AVc


Regarding the $35 price. For me the main thing is that it does not have LOCAL Channels for that price. If it had LOCAL Channels I think the price would be great. I can not easily get OTA LOCAL Channels. I just called my provider (Frontier FIOS) and to drop down to a LOCAL ONLY TIER (surprised they offered it) would be $22. Currently paying $65 + $12(2x cc) +$14 tax and fees for my TV ADD ON. So if my numbers are right then I could save $34 (91 - 57) to switch to LOCAL ONLY and also get Premium TV. But still paying $22 + $35 = $57 compared to other options like DirecTV Now which you get 65+ channels (including LOCALs) for $40. And it includes limited DVR. We much prefer Channels and the Channels DVR so the extra cost is probably worth it. But still going thru the numbers. BTW… You get a third stream with DTV NOW for $5 so the price is $45 for the base package in that case.


i guess i’ve been asleep at the wheel - only found out about this when SiliconDust sent me a marketing email. i was all ready to get on board with this (and cancel DirecTV Now) but then i realized that all the appleTV apps for the various channels will probably stop working, right? meaning, the SD service is probably not going to count as a TV provider? i’ll have to go ask in SD’s forums.

edit: yeah, sign in with SD credentials not supported in channel apps right now. well, might try this for a month see.


Correct. They do not support “TV Anywhere” logins to various apps. You should let them know that’s something you want.


yeah, just waded thru a 30 page thread with some creative search terms and see that SD credentials will not work. i might give it a try for a month anyway - the ability to record thru channels might outweigh this drawback.


Logo and description of show not showing up on the demo. Will the logo and description show up after I become a subscriber?


You need to update to the DVR Beta. See Channels DVR Beta for HDHomeRun Premium TV


[quote=“d21mike, post:113, topic:6913”]
options like DirecTV Now which you get 65+ channels (including LOCALs) for $40. And it includes limited DVR
[/quote]I’m in a similar situation. Have you checked to make sure DTV Now actually provides all the local channels you want in your area (and not just on demand versions). I’ve tried all 5 major streaming services and they all offer different locals and none offer them all. In fact PS Vue offers none in my area even though it is by far my favorite. This is why I’ve stuck to PS Vue for cable channels and FiOS ($16 after taxes) combined with Channels DVR for locals. I may be transitioning to HDHR Premium soon to save some money and have all channels in the same interface. :slight_smile:


Yes. I am in Los Angeles (about 20 miles south of LA). In my area I think most of the services that offer LOCAL Channels offers them here. I actually have Directv Now from the initial release. So I got locked in on a $25 discount of the Go Big Plan (100+ channels). And like everyone I get HBO for $5 instead of $15. So my cost is only $30 per month extra now. There are channels on it I no longer get on FIOS TV. And to be honest I just like to playing with all this stuff and I have a few other services (like Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access etc).

However, I still have the FIOS TV Package here because of how “great” the Channels Live TV and DVR are. Channels was the reason I was able to get rid of all of the FIOS DVR’s and STB’s for some big early savings. My house loves the Channels App over everything else we have or tried. I have shown my wife other services to see what she thinks and she pretty much does not care about the cost if it does not include the Channels App. So, if this new premium tv can allow me to drop FIOS TV my wife would still be very happy. But currently the Premium TV App simply does not have enough networks that my wife simply requires. If only I could feed all of my DTV NOW content into this New service with the Channels UI I would be golden.