Channels hosted on NAS?

I've been searching around via Google, and Youtube, and on the site to find how it is implemented when using a NAS. I can't find anything.

I do keep reading that it can be holsted on a NAS (at least that's how I am interpreting what I am reading), but no info on how.

I've been out of IT for 12 years, so my background on that stuff is dated. But a NAS to me is just a storage system, not a computer, so I don't see how it can be hosted there.

If I must have a computer to run it on, then I am not interested. Hoping someone can point me to some info on that.

NAS refers to an all in one unit with CPU and storage like DS220+

I run mine on a Synology RS1221+. No separate computer.

Thanks. So the things I've read about using a NAS is true... But I still cannot find anything that outlines how to set it up. Well, this is funny. I just went to and found simple instructions.

I don't know why I didn't see it earlier. I must have been having a big brain-fart.

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Like you, when I first started using Channels DVR I had a lot of questions.
I pored over their website (which was mostly marketing stuff then) that said "it could do..."
And I looked for links pointing me to "how to do..." what is said "it could do..."
Their documentation has been improving.
And their Community Forum here is helpful in answering any questions you may have about their software.

P.S. corrected the mispelled url's to in a couple of your posts because some people just blindly click on links

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Thanks for that.

I'm now starting my research for the best value NAS to invest in, and be compatible with the supported boxes for Channels. I have an old tower PC with quite a bit of disk space that I plan to dismantle. I don't want a PC sitting around that needs updates and associated maintenance constantly. So I'm going to try to determine what is a good diskless one to purchase.

Then there's the question of how much disk space do I need. Of course we have a tendency to let a whole season record, the binge watch it.

You know what? I have a 4-year-old I7 laptop that I have abandoned for a newer one. I do have some issues with it where when I put it to sleep it wakes up on its own and runs, although not anything you can interact with, it's a black screen. It requires a reboot

I've run all kinds of hardware diagnostics; I've used the various Windows 10 tools to check on errors etc; I've even completely wiped and reinstalled everything, and nothing keep that from happening.

Those issues being stated, I have no other issues. When it's up and running it works fine.

One big factor in consideration for this Channels setup is that it's going to have to meet WAF requirements.

I think I'll set it up as a Channels DVR server, with an external 2 TB hard drive. Of course I will have to invest in an HDHomeRun. Actually, I had planned on buying an HDHomeRun Scribe Quattro. But it seems channels offers a really nice interface for DVR, and I got interested in trying Channels as well.

So I may give that a whirl and see how it goes. If I find the laptop to be problematic then maybe I'll invest in the NAS.

Of course I may get other direction here that may steer my choices differently.

Just be forewarned: Channels cannot access or make any use of the hard drives directly attached to any HDHR tuner. Channels will simply see the Scribe Quattro as a 4 tuner device; its storage will be ignored.

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Get a Synology DS220+ during the Black Friday sale along with a couple of WD Elements/Easystore. Shuck the external drives and install then in the NAS. Then start looking into all the other docker apps you can run and be happy with your new mini application server.

I would recommend the Asustor AS6602T which has a Quad-Core Intel CPU, which is very desirable in a NAS for Channels. You can use the Plex approved NAS list to select candidates -- all the features that are good for Flex are good for Channels, and you can see what types of video they can transcode, as a figure of merit.

I think NAS is an overkill for TV recordings. I just use Raspberry Pi 4 and a repurposed 2TB drive from SERVIO. The total cost could be little above $100 if you chose this route. (RPi 4 w/2GB RAM + 2 TB HDD)

I just remembered I used to have an unRAID server, installed on a thumb drive, on a tower with drives. Not sure if that would.

When I was in IT several years ago., I only fabled in Linux.

I would definitely need to find a how to article to implement that.

I appreciate your comments/forewarning.

To everyone commenting and making suggestions: I appreciate the input. I may not respond, not being far enough into the project to do so, but I am taking notice.

FYI... I am in the starting point of a move, and it will be a double move, as the new house won't be ready for maybe another 5 weeks. I probably won't do the actual implementation until I get there. Gives me plenty of time for research. I'm sure I'll be hankering to get this thing going.

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@racamaron... Just to confirm, I presume an external drive hooked to a HDHomeRun would not be recognized either.

Correct. Drives directly attached to the tuners can only be used by SiliconDust's own DVR software, nothing else.

Its not overkill if you need to transcode at all

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that's not why most people are buying NAS