Channels needs to differentiate when there are 2 or more of the same Movie!

Some movies I have 2 of. A 1080P version and 4K version. They are located in different directories.

When I pull up the movies folder in the Channels app under Library it pulls in all Movies which is great. However if there are 2 (or more) of the same movie, there are just 2 duplicate covers. You have no idea which one you are choosing to play. What I am requesting is either slap on a 4K label on the cover for example or if after you click on the cover and it brings up the run time, actors, description, etc... put on a 4K or 1080P logo there so you can see which you are actually going to play. Or you could throw in a line that shows the directory location which would work for me (but may not for others that store them in the same directory?)


I made similar request here: Merge Movies of same name but different resolutions

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We totally understand this and want to get to a point where we're combining movies, but it's complicated. But we plan to get to it this year.

For now, you should have metadata that shows on the movie view. Are you using Android? I think it's not showing some tags, which is incorrect. It should show HD, 4K, Atmos, etc. so that you CAN tell the difference.

I'll look into it.


I use both Android and Android TV devices. There are no metadata tags on any of the devices other than PG, Surround, CC which do not differentiate what you are going to view. Thanks for looking into this.

OK this is resolved in the latest beta.

One small issue: for recorded movies that often have the two tags HD 1080i and HDTV, or HD 720p and HDTV, the HD tag is shown twice ("HD HD").

Ahh great, thanks, I'll clear it up.