Merge Movies of same name but different resolutions

It would be great if Channels could display movies in such a way that you only see one poster for one movie that has two different resolutions. Then, when you are ready to watch the movie there is a drop down selector of some kind to choose which version you want to watch, ie. 1080 or 4K. This is how it works in Emby and Plex.

I am not sure how difficult that is to achieve on the programming side but it would clean up the UI quite a bit.

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I would like to extend this request to any Movie/Show that has multiple sources (recordings, personal files, Stream Links) to get them to merge to one item and then get to select which source you want to play from.

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This is how TiVO works:

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So, just curious here on your addition (which could be a good idea too) - are you saying that you have imported the stream links from both Netflix and Hulu into the imports folder? I am genuinely curious why you would want both? Is there one advantage over the other I am not thinking with?

@tmm1 - I have another question that I didn't want to make a separate thread for in case this isn't implemented or it's a bug - On Android at least, when I select a movie in the UI and it shows me the information about it, there is no information about whether the movie is HD or 4K or any audio codec information. Is that just not implemented or should it be there?

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In this case, I simply didn't remember that I already had a Stream Link on one service when it became available on another. Interestingly, I checked now and apparently it left Hulu and got added to Netflix, so the advantage would be I could try one and then the other in case something like this happened. The problem with Stream Links vs. JustWatch/Realgood is managing things leaving services. (hint, hint, wink, wink Devs).

Another situation I have is a recording and a Netflix or a Disney+ Stream Link. It might just be a preference of which device I'm streaming on or where I am in a future world (home vs. out). Or again, if one leaves another. It really is coming down to management. I would like to not have to search my collection to see if I already have it when I add something.

For instance, there are a ton of movies that are on both Kanopy and Hoopla. I prefer Kanopy from a UI perspective and because I have more items I can take out per month. So I keep a folder off to the side with the Hoopla links that are available elsewhere, but if those programs leave those services I'll have to move the Hoopla links back in (assuming they are available). I'd really prefer to just set and forget, and if I happen to try to launch it and it doesn't exist deal with it that way.

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It is not implemented. I believe there are plans to have imported movies expose this information in some way in the clients, but it is not there yet.

You can get this information from the “View Details” option in the web UI, but it is presently not available to the clients.

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Thanks. Yes, I see it in the web UI, that is why I thought perhaps it was somewhere in the client and I was missing it. Also I know some of these features comes to the Apple clients first and maybe it's there and not in Android yet since I don't own any Apple devices at all.

I figure since it's in the web UI it's just a matter of exposing it in the other UIs as well at some point.

I also would love a Reelgood type of library built on top of the stream links feature. I simply use reelgood on Android TV because I don't want to manage the switching of shows & movies moving from one platform to another constantly.

I think integration with the guide would be cool too. If there is a show from the guide that is in your library, you get the option to view it from your library or tune into the live channel.

This works on tvos. We’ll get it implemented in Android soon.


Awesome! Looking forward to that.

Ha, I'm exactly the opposite! I switched from Reelgood to Stream Links because I kept getting annoyed with the missing things on Reelgood (15% error rate), them not keeping up with services switching, and having to manage in two places. As manual as Stream Links currently is, the single UX for everything and the confirmation that all deep links work and are accounted for meant more to me.

That's why choice is good. :smiley: I don't mind the error rate. I was watching the Hobbit series & they switched from HBO to Peacock, I would have been annoyed if I had had to figure out where it went on my own.

If only we could integrate Reelgood or Justwatch so that it created the Steam Links for us and kept them up to date, but could also manually create them for the stuff that is missing... Hmmmmmm.........

Reelgood has an API, they do however have it behind contact info under a business division. That'd be the easiest way to do it if a user was granted access. The other part of Reelgood that I'd love to have is their recommendation algorithm. I've found a few good shows based on it. I have no idea if that's part of the enhanced library in TvOS or not.

I'd also be willing to pay an extra premium if it costs channels to use the api. I might actually inquire about it. It could be a fun project to tinker with. Although, it's definitely not at the top of my priority list as far as projects go either.

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