Channels Not Saving Favorites


For the last week or so, every time I open Channels (3.2.21) in my ATV 4K, my Favorite Channels have been erased and I need to run "Scan For Channels" to recover them.

The weird part is that all the channels are still there but I need to scan for them to get them re-added to my favorites (which happens after the scan is complete). I'm using a HDHomerun Dual and have tried rebooting it with no luck but otherwise am not sure what my best route would be to resolution.

Thanks if anyone can help!


Are only your favorites missing, or are all the channels missing?

I think you can fix this by going into your DVR web UI and adding favorites there by clicking on the pencil icon under the HDHR. Let me know if that works.


Are the Favorites synced with SD's servers? IIRC, the Dual needs to use the Windows setup software to sync channels and favorites with SD's servers to generate a proxied lineup.[json|html]. I'm not sure how updates to the channel listings are synced after initial setup ...


Only the Favorites list disappears. All the channels are still there in the other listings.

I can definitely add favorites via the web UI but they disappear when the app restarts on the ATV.


I'm not sure about them syncing to SD's servers. But I've been using Channels for months without this issue so I'm not sure if it's a setup issue.


Unless things have changed, your hdhomerun favorite channels are only synced to a Channels App client when it's installed and no way to re-sync it without de- and re- installing the client app.