Channels Not Stacking Duplicates in Web Admin Guide

I'm using a custom M3U playlist as a source within my Channels DVR implementation, but when viewing the guide within Channels DVR's web admin interface, it is only displaying a single instance of each channel, even in cases where there should be duplicates stacked by channel number. The channels stack as intended on my Android devices after enabling "stack duplicates" for each client, but I can't find a similar setting to enable for web admin, as this doesn't seem to appear as a "client" in the "Clients" settings page. I've also tried enabling "stack duplicates" as a "Global Client Setting" to no avail.

How can I get the web admin's Guide to display channels stacked by channel number? As it currently stands, if one of my channels isn't working properly, I'm unable to use a backup feed. Thanks!

The web UI doesn't support stacking

Thank you for the quick reply and confirmation.. Is it accurate to say that the individual channel displayed in the web UI's Guide represents the first channel listed in the M3U lineup? Or is it random/round-robin?

I'm just trying to determine if I need to adjust the ordering within my M3U playlist, as the current one doesn't seem very reliable.

Not sure what you mean. It is required that the M3U have a unique channel-id per entry. If there are duplicates then the behavior is undefined. Probably the last one would win.

Thank you for the note - As currently configured, my M3U is not supplying a "channel-id" for each channel entry - just "tvg-id", "tvg-name", "tvg-logo", and "group-title", with the custom name I gave each channel in m3u4u coming through within the "group-title".

I'm using m3u4u to generate this custom m3u playlist. Channels DVR is still pulling the channels and guide data properly, but maybe the lack of channel-id is (or may become) an issue for me? I'll re-read the Channels DVR / m3u4u documentation to configure this properly.

That may be the root of your issues. The documentation for custom channels specifically states that the channel-id is required; failure to adhere to the posted requirements means you may have unsupported issues.

Thank you for this.. I am thinking the same. I've created a new post to get clarity on the best way to add/manage channel-ids when using m3u4u here'

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