Channels on Hisense

I just purchased a higher-end Hisense TV that has Android as its smart controller. I'm a YTTV streamer. What is the best way for me to put channels on this TV? I know that I couldn't use my Nvidia Shield for both parts of channels and just want to see if there is a best way, any pitfalls, or just advice to putting Channels on the TV itself. I'm assuming I can use the USB to plug in an external hard drive.

Any advice will be much appreciated!!!


Are you asking about the client side, the server side or both?

For the Client:
Is it the Android TV version? If so, just go to the Google Play store and download the app. I just bought a Hisense and it was as easy as that.

Unless this TV is your only TV, I would suggest running the server from a computer, elsewhere on your network. If it is your only TV, you can look into something like an Android box or small HTPC.

I'm going to do both sides. Thanks for replying. Putting the client on the TV. So under this scenario, I could put the server on my Nvidia shield? I assume then that I plug that into the Hisense or do I set it up for wireless? I have an LG that uses WebOS that I hope to use Channels with but not quite sure the route to go with that one without another android box.

You do not have to have the Shield hooked to the Hisense. As long as it is on the same network, the Channels App on the Hisense will find it. You could hook the Shield up to the LG. It can serve as both server and client for the LG and as the server for the Hisense.

Now I'm really confused. I thought YTTV was unable to have both parts on a Shield. If I am able to do that I assume I'll put my DVR storage on the Shield?

You are correct TVE for YTTV is not compatible with the shield, so you cannot use that for your server if you want YTTV TVE. as far as I know you can’t run the server on an Android TV device either, so I don’t think it’ll run on your TV either.. if I’m wrong hopefully somebody will correct me.

I thought that was the case. So I'll still need an always on computer to put the server on with either big hard drive or an external drive? I'll put client on both the Hisense and the Shield in this set-up as I understand it then. If I'm wrong someone tell me.

Nope that’s right. The Devs are currently working on an image - based version that runs on a raspberry pi 4. That’s a very inexpensive option if you want to give it a try, although it’s still early in development.

It looks interesting and you are right its inexpensive, but this stuff looks like Greek to me! If I thought I could get it to work without losing my remaining hair I would give it a go.

In this case where would the client go? I'm assuming still on the Shield and the Hisense.

One more question. If I were to use Hulu can I put both client and DVR on the Shield?


Yes I believe so.

Thanks so much everyone! Everyone is so really helpful here!