Channels Plus Away From Home Broken In Fire TV

Excellent. Sorry to be a pain. Glad I could help you figure it out. Let me know if you ever need testing as I have 7 firestick 4ks.


It's finished. Let me know if it works.

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Working perfect now on the new Beta Version 3.0.1-v109031908. I was also able to delete the old version and the new one still works correctly.

Thanks again!

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So if we have firestick 4ks should we only use the beta app now? Or will regular version still be updated? Or should we use the regular Channels DVR one? Just making sure Iā€™m on the one that will be updated regularly. Thanks!

It will be updated, probably next week sometime.

The regular one or the Channels DVR? Just making sure which one I should be using.


Doesn't matter. They will all be updated with the fixes.

Ok thanks again

I am still unable to load the Beta app. The only options I get are Try again and Connect to Channels DVR. There is no setting option. I even tried deleting and reinstalling. I do get setting optiopns in the non-DVR channels app but no options for installing the a Beta in there either.