Channels - Remote Access question

I'm new to all of this so I apologize if this is redundant. I have not found a post that exactly covers my question.

I'm switching to Comcast for internet and tv at home.
I have a vacation home in a different state - I want to watch my Comcast channels from my home market there as well.
I would use an Apple TV, Fire Stick or Roku.

If I purchase Channels Plus am I able to watch tv from my home market remotely?

Please let me know if this does not make sense.

U need to have the subscription based Channels DVR server software installed at your source location on a supported device, like a computer, running full time. Channels is a Sever / client based software setup.

The app for the viewer software goes on the client device.

You can use your Comcast login credentials to add a a tuner source, for TVE supported channels.

Or a HDHR Prime Cable Card networked tuner and card rental from Comcast to get all your channel in Channels DVR.

As far a basic remote access to the Channels DVR server, it is a simple toggle in the sever dashboard that opens up access. Though, u may need to setup port forward in your router.

Comcast has their own easy to use app, Xfinity Stream that allows you to access most of your channel line up and access you home DVR from them, if you have the X1 thing.
Perhaps that would be best solution for your needs. I think there is Xfinity app for those devices. and it is a free thing.

It seems Comcast is strict in customer usage. The below link does a much good job of explaining the situation.


Is using the HDHR Prime Cable Card networked tuner and Comcast cable card the answer to getting all my channels at my cabin.

I want to get my Chicago (Home) Comcast package including Chicago local channels at my cabin (Minneapolis).

ive used the Xfinity app (on mobile or tablet) for years fine.
Not really any restrictions other than some networks u cant stream on the app, but that is same thing with TVE, some networks dont have tve.
I forgot that I did try it on Roku, it was a beta, and that did require u to be at home internet. I have read that one can make a proper VPN to your home network and get it to work that way remotely.

Ideally, if one wants ALL their channels, excpet VOD, and DRM premium channels, the HDHR Prime and Cable Card tuner is what is needed. U would not even need to worry about TVE with that. I used a Prime for 8 years with Windows Media Center and then Emby. For a short time with Channels, until i dumped cable and went OTA and TVE only.

As @speedingcheetah mentioned, if you want to guarantee access to all channels you will need a HDHR Prime and cable card. To access your DVR remotely and reliably, you’ll need a stable internet connection at your Chicago home with uplink speed of at LEAST 10Mbps, I would say. 25Mbps or higher would be even better.

Unless you have a super fast upload speed you’ll likely also have to do quite a bit of transcoding while viewing, so you’ll need a fairly beefy machine to run the DVR software.

All this to say that it can be done, but it’s not trivial and has a lot of moving pieces.

Thanks to everyone for their advice it's very much appreciated.

I talked to AT&T - they state the AT&T TV Now app will do what I'm asking about. I'm going to test it this weekend.

The other option I'm looking at is this: