Channels tuner hardware?

I have the Channels DVR Server on my Synology NAS and the Channels app on my Apple TV 4K. All I need, apparently, is a hardware tuner, right? I've been told that has to be one of the SiliconDust HDHomeRun devices, the Duo or Quatro – but those have been unavailable for purchase since I started looking back in early January, and I haven't had any replies from SiliconDust to my emails since the middle of January.

Are my options really limited to those two hardware tuners?

SiliconDust's UK phone number answer message sounds suspiciously like the company is no longer in business; it gives me an out-of-office style request to leave a message even though it's mid afternoon on a work day. If that's the case AND those devices are the only tuners that Channels can use then... :open_mouth:

Yes only HD HomeRun tuners are supported (and the "4K"/ATSC3 model is not for the UK). Can this Amazon Store ship to you? Silicondust

There are TVE and other streaming options, but from the tuners you mentioned I assume you're going for over-the-air (OTA) reception.

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Tablo tuners can be integrated too:

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I'd be happy to get a unit shipped to the UK, but I'm worried about compatibility. It'd really suck to do that and find it didn't actually work with UK OTA TV. (And yes, I just want OTA stuff. Regular TV is fine, I don't want to pay for cable when all we watch is ordinary TV and Netflix.)

Fun-sounding project! But this would be something I'd want my wife to use, so it is far too experimental to be safe. :grin:

(Also, no reflection on you intended whatsoever but that PC Mag article is... awful! I've seen spam email press releases that are more informative. :joy::joy::joy:.)

VBox tuners support M3U and can be integrated via Custom Channels. That may be your best bet for something simple to setup and use.

I believe @badscooter78 and @austin_1100 are running such a setup.

Otherwise you would have to spin up a tvheadend to bridge to hauppage and other tuners, but that can turn into a big project quickly.

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They support QAM64/256 but not DVB of any kind. Even if that meets your needs there are still general warranty/support concerns, so it's worth looking at the VBox suggestion from @tmm1 as he's actually a Channels developer while the rest of us are just customers trying to be helpful.

I'm surprised Silicon Dust has a phone number in the UK at all. It's a very small company and I suspect that number has always rung only to voicemail, existing only to meet some regulatory requirement.

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It shows on their UK shop website, but I don't see an Add to Basket button.
Maybe because I'm in the U.S.

Only item on the site with an ADD TO BASKET button is the HDHomeRun DVR Software

Looks like the Official response from SiliconDust is "eventually..."

Yes, it's listed but not available. They have had other items (a power supply, if I recall correctly) that have had buy buttons shown so it's a stock thing rather than a geography one.

The VBox tuner suggestion does look potentially good, thanks! What's the reality of using Custom Channels? Would someone non-nerdy (such as my wife) be likely to get on with it?
Are there any screen grabs or photos of what these things look like?

It looks exactly the same once setup. The setup process is a bit different but won't take more than 10 minutes.

I also checked with SD and they expect to have stock of tuners in the UK in the next two weeks.

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Will they be available also in continental EU?

Apologies I hadn't seen this post - I'm using it.. once you've set it up (actually it's not that daunting) it works a treat and needs very little interference. It works really on the iOS app.

It's what we use across the house :slight_smile:




We have the same problem with lack of tuners in the Australian store - been out of stock for a year and SiliconDust have not responded to multiple emails from me for guidance.

Having an easy setup (not custom channels) for other brands would be preferable.

Otherwise if you can find out from SD what's up with their Australian stock (specifically HDHR5-4DT(AU)) that would be great.

UPDATE. Received this from SD:
Due to global supply chain delays, we are currently out of stock on new units. We expect to have new stock available soon, and you can sign up on our stock mailing list to be notified when they are available:

UK customers: Silicondust

EU customers: Silicondust

AU/NZ customers: Silicondust